Besides Gingrich, What Else Is Sheldon Adelson Buying?
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Adelson's mike

Adelson: "I paid for that mike, Boy!"

Almost simultaneously with the happy news that Sheldon Adelson is pumping another $10 million into the Newt Gingrich Show (Adelson plans new $10M donation to Gingrich super PAC – sources By Laura Strickler CBS February 17, 2012) Gingrich stepped up Hispandering in his Arizona campaign: Gingrich targets Hispanic voters in latest Web ad The 2/17/12

This came complete with a supporting exultation from Lionel “Blood runs thicker than politics” Sosa

...a Gingrich adviser, (who) argued that Gingrich was uniquely qualified to rally Hispanic support behind his campaign.

"Few people understand the true Hispanic market like Newt does," said Sosa. "He gets Latinos and understands the diversity in language, age and culture."

The presence of this Professional Hispanic spoils-gatherer should be lethal to any GOP campaign. On its face the move appears to reflect the dynamic I noted in Why Did Gingrich Return To Hispandering/Amnesty? Because Adelson Check Arrived! at the end of the New Hampshire campaign. And it makes little more electoral sense. Yes, unlike New Hampshire, there is a substantial Hispanic presence in the state (31%). But here the Primary is confined to registered Republicans. Close to a third of the Hispanics were not U.S-born, the population is very young, and 69% do not speak English in the home. Given the usual Hispanic Democratic prejudice, my guesstimate is that considerably less than 10% of the Republican Primary voters will be Hispanic. Against that, a considerable proportion of the Republican electorate deeply resent the Reconquista of their state – hence S.B. 1070. The GOP Establishment has had a hard time controlling them. But the move makes a great deal of financial sense, and effectively answers the question I asked in Gingrich Sells American Foreign Policy To Sheldon Adelson - Immigration Policy Too? There I suggested
A Jewish employer of large quantities of low skilled labor – as Adelson is in his Nevada Casino operations – is very likely to be a blind open borders enthusiast (except for Israel)…The probability is that Adelson is as solid a member of the Cheap Labor Lobby as he is the Israel Lobby.
Interestingly the news reports of the donation confirm that Adelson wants to buy subservience to his views on a broader range of topics than previously acknowledged - a point made in Commentary quoting the Wall Street Journal
"Mr. Adelson is ready…to use his cash to push Rick Santorum from his position atop the latest national polls, according to people who have discussed the matter with Mr. Adelson… Mr. Adelson doesn't…share the former Pennsylvania senator's socially conservative positions, including his strong antiabortion views."
Adelson's New Goal: Take Down Santorum Alana Goodman 02.16,2012 adding
Moderate Jews who might consider voting Republican based on Israel will probably find it hard to support a candidate with far-right views on abortion, gay marriage and contraception.

This campaign has been great for demonstrating how 21st Century America is actually run. Wonderful what you can buy with money!


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