Because Of Non-White Gun Violence In Chicago, "Bleeding Control Kits" Installed Around The City
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How can we blame this predicament on white people? How? When 96 percent of known assailants in homicides in 2021 Chicago are non-white, it’s obvious the bulk of non-fatal shooters are also non-white.

Chicago installing ‘Bleeding Control Kits’ around city amid gun violence, by Rema Rahman, The Hill, September 29, 2021

Chicago has begun installing “Bleeding Control Kits” across the city under the new Safe Chicago program amid an increase in gun violence.

The city will install 426 Bleeding Control Kits in 269 Chicago buildings, including City Hall and Chicago Public Library locations. Each kit can treat up to eight victims.

Every kit comes equipped with a tourniquet, gauze, shears, gloves, and an instruction manual on how to best use it in instances of “life threatening bleeding emergencies” that can result from falls, penetrating injuries (such as stabbings), gunshot wounds, and more.

Announced earlier this month to coincide with National Preparedness Month, the program was launched by the Office of Emergency Management and Communications and the Federal Emergency Management Agency in partnership with the Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department, and Assets and Information Services.

However, it has received renewed attention addressing gun violence following the release Monday’s updated crime stats from the Chicago Police Department.

As of Monday, Chicago has reported 2,688 shootings, an 11 percent increase from this time last year, as well as 602 homicides, marking a 4 percent increase. The data does not specify the homicide causes of death.

“We’re living in different times,” OEMC Executive Director Rich Guidice told NBC Chicago. “And we’re doing our best to adapt to the environment that we’re living in.”

Chalk this one up to another reminder “diversity isn’t our strength.”

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