Baltimore City Jail Correctional Officers Caught Looting 7-11 During Baltimore Riots
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Your tax dollars at work

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As the Baltimore riots have shown, much of the government is now openly aligned with criminals against the law abiding. And what's worse, this has taken on indisputably racial connotations, as those defending, apologizing for, and participating in the riots are mostly black while many of the victims (either of immediate violence or the resulting collapse in property values) are white.  The Main Stream Media tries its best to cover up or actively lie about what's going on, but this is increasingly an exercise in futility as the facts are there for all to see, in black and white.

With that in mind, this isn't surprising.

Two correctional officers who work at the Baltimore City jail were suspended without pay Wednesday after video emerged showing them looting a 7-11 store during last month’s riots.

Tamika Cobb and Kendra Richard were charged with theft and two counts of burglary, according to a statement released by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS).

Investigators DPSCS and with the Intelligence and Investigative Division responded to a tip that the pair had joined in looting a closed 7-11 convenience store near downtown Baltimore on April 25. That was the first day of major unrest following the April 19 death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray...

This is not the first scandal to rock the Baltimore city jailhouse. In April 2013, a federal indictment was unsealed which revealed a massive conspiracy between correctional officers and inmates.

Twenty-four correctional officers have been convicted for various offenses related to their involvement with the notorious Black Guerilla Family gang. Many of the officers had sexual relations with the gang members and helped them smuggle drugs into the facility.

[Two Baltimore City Jail Correctional Officers Caught on Video Looting A 7-11by Chuck Ross, Daily Caller, May 13, 2015]

#BALTIMORELOOTCREW or Baltimore City Government?  What's the difference?

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