Bachmann's New Jobs Program Mentions Immigration! (Only Illegal Immigration, But Still...)
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Michele Bachmann's new program for jobs includes a mention of illegal immigration:

"ENFORCE AMERICAN IMMIGRATION LAWS. The failure of the federal government to enforce its immigration laws costs federal, state and local governments billions of dollars annually. Our nation was founded on the rule of law, and we must ensure U.S. immigration laws are respected and enforced not only to preserve our national security, but to protect federal, state, and local budgets, and to curb the unfair strain on our country’s job markets."

Bachmann Introduces “American Jobs, Right Now” Blueprint for Economic Prosperity and Job Creation emphasis.

That's the good news. The bad news is

  • It's only about illegal immigration
  • It's point eleven on her list

Sometimes you see people saying, in effect "Let's not talk about immigration, let's talk about THE ECONOMY." They seem to forget that immigration is the economy, in the sense that millions of foreigners are being invited in to share in it, and even more than that it's the jobs issue, since that's really what the immigrants are being invited to share in.

While we're on the subject, the Washington Post notes today that Mitt Romney is hugely vulnerable on immigration:

...a new Washington Post-Bloomberg News poll shows wide, bipartisan opposition to Romney’s call to increase the number of visas for highly skilled foreign workers.

(GOP candidates out of step on immigration, by Peyton Craighill, Octobeber 11, 2011.)

Romney has long said this, including a candidates' debate earlier this year. No-one challenged him on it then. But the immigration issue could burst his balloon as it has Rick Perry's.

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