Mitt Romney: "I Like H-1B Visas."
November 08, 2007, 05:56 PM
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[Presidential candidate Mitt Romney said "I like H-1B visas." He likes H-1B so much he said he wants an unlimited number of them to flood the U.S. labor market. Does that sound so outrageous that you just can`t believe Romney would said say such things? It gets worse, you can listen to it yourself by going to the Techcrunch page. They have a podcast as well as a streaming audio file so you can listen to Romney in person.[ Interview With Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney On Technology Issues, November 1, 2007]

Keep in mind that Romney not only wants to flood the U.S. with more H-1Bs, he wants more green cards too. Last month he said this to a group of foreign tech students:

"I`d rather staple a green card to your diploma and say that if you can get a Ph.D. from one of our great institutions, we`d love you to stay here." I did a Google search to try to find some articles about this interview in the United States media. I couldn`t find a single one, but it`s all over the Indian press. [Republican Prez hopeful bats for raising H-1B quota By Sridhar Krishnaswami,, November 02, 2007 ]Looks like the Democrats aren`t the only ones who have a Senator from Punjab!