“Illegals Have More Rights!” Says Texas Blogger
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The item below is a personal story from a Dallas-area writer, James H. Reza, who recently experienced the worsening anarchy on the highways caused by the law enforcement’s permissive treatment of unlicensed illegal aliens who nevertheless drive on American roadways.


Sadly, the preventable carnage caused by drunk and unlicensed aliens appears to be on the uptick, since authorities still find it troublesome to deal out the same punishments to foreigners that they give to citizens. Common sense measures to protect public safety (like Secure Communities) are rejected by liberal politicians, even after terrible crimes that could have been avoided by prudent foresight and basic law enforcement.

A recent example of liberal irresponsibility has been the death of young Matthew Denice in Milford, Mass., at the hands of a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien. Governor Deval Patrick has nevertheless clung stubbornly to his policy of maintaining a Sanctuary State for foreign criminals.

James Reza is a retired engineer of Mexican heritage who defines his own feeling by saying that “all American Hispanics are not thrilled with illegal immigration.” He condemns the open-borders lawlessness, which one day came close to killing his son-in-law:

Illegal Aliens Have More Rights Than Americans!, by James Reza, Dallasblog.com, October 10, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Cecilia, my daughter, in a somber voice asked me, “Dad, can you pick up Landon (my grandson) at school? Chris (her husband) just had a bad car accident on his way to pick him up.” As I drove to Nolan Catholic High, I saw a parade of cars on the road where Chris had his accident. Avoiding the congested road, I opt to go another route to Nolan. After I picked up Landon I informed him of his dad’s accident and that we were going to the accident site to check on his dad. When we arrived at the accident scene Landon and I were shocked. Chris’ car was totaled, as was the car that hit him. It had rained and the roads being slick the driver who was speeding lost control of his car causing the bad accident. As I assessed the accident I was surprised that Chris was not seriously hurt, thanks to his air bag, which according to police saved his life or serious body injuries. As the police questioned Chris and the other driver I noticed that he didn’t speak a word of English nor his 3 passengers. Folks, not only was the driver and his passengers illegal aliens, the driver didn’t have a driver’s license or car insurance. Had the illegal alien who had no business driving killed my son in law, I think my daughter and my grandchildren would have faced a difficult time in their future lives without their dad who is a great father and provider for his family.

When I learned that the illegal alien who hit my son in law’s car had no license and insurance I became incensed, not only at the police who didn’t arrest all of them for being here illegally and causing a near fatal accident, but at the damn uncaring car dealers who advertise in their car lots “no licencia, no seguranza, no problema!” (No license, no insurance, no problem!) My fellow Americans, when are we going to send a strong message with our votes to all the worthless politicians in Washington, in our state and our cities, that we are fed up with all the illegal immigration mess! Having lived in North Fort Worth, a predominately Hispanic community for almost 48 years I saw with my own eyes the untold number of atrocities committed by illegals and how they would return to their homeland without every being prosecuted for the misdeeds. No matter how gruesome the crimes these illegals commit, the Mexican government will not extradite them if they are to face the death penalty. What Mexico really means is, “feed them, give them their medical needs, incarcerate them for life, but just don’t kill them!” Folks, we shelter thousands of Mexican criminals with our tax dollars.

Last week, as I watched a crime TV series I was appalled at a crime a young illegal alien male committed no more than 30 miles from my house in Denton, Texas. The illegal abducted a young teen girl, tortured and raped her, and then he torched her car and took off to Mexico to live with his grandparents. Later, when he was extradited to face a jury they sentenced him to life. After the trial ended the mother of the illegal young man went to the mother of the teen girl and asked for forgiveness. At that moment I remembered when Gov. Perry in his TV debate stated (here I’m paraphrasing), “We help the children of illegal aliens get tuition help in their education because through no fault of their own their parents brought them here.” When will politicians like Gov. Perry realize that not all children of illegals are here to get an education! Many commit crimes as this young man did in Denton. With this tuition help to the children of illegal aliens, Gov. Perry along with other politicians exacerbate the illegal alien catastrophic situation in our country. 

For years I’ve donated money and voted for Gov. Perry. But after he made those statements in his presidential debate about tuition help to Mexican students, I’m having second thoughts about him. Having said that, all presidential candidates including President Obama pander to Hispanics thinking all Hispanics like me are enamored with illegal immigration. Sadly, they are gravely mistaken. I might add here that the blood of that young beautiful girl who was killed in Denton is on the hands of the politicians and employers who hire and allow these nonsense and senseless crimes by illegals to continue. ??Just today I saw on the news that Alabama is coming down hard on illegal aliens in their state. Alabama’s tough new immigration law, most of which was upheld by a federal judge last week is having its intended effect: illegal aliens are leaving the state, and their children are disappearing from schools. Two news reports show that illegal aliens, who cost Alabama taxpayers some $300 million annually, have read the handwriting on the wall. No more hiding, the free ride is over! Now my friends, who do you think is trying to overturn the immigration law in Alabama? You guess it, our own useless Federal bureaucrats in Washington. My gosh folks, who’s side are these guys side on? The American citizens of this country or illegal immigrants who have broken our laws! The answer is obvious!

In a report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety “Unlicensed to Kill”, it noted that a high percentage of illegal aliens involved in the 278,078 fatal crashes during the examined 5-year period. It found that if illegal aliens caused just 5% of the 42,049 deaths that is over 2,000 American citizens killed during a five-year period, which is an average of 400 citizens per year. Many however feel that the number is much higher than just 5% and sadly point out that Americans should needlessly die to save a few cents on every head of lettuce!

Ladies and gentlemen, all of us have to have a license to drive and auto insurance when we buy our plates, or stopped by a police officer. If we harm someone with our auto, we can’t take off to Mexico or wherever like the illegals can. When are we going to join forces to stop all this lawlessness?

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