Australian Terror Plotter A Guy On A Student Visa Named Mohamed
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guynamedThis story from Australia's Daily Telegraph, about a plot to murder two Australian figures I personally couldn't remember having heard of (Malcolm Turnbull is an ex-PM of Australia, Julie Bishop was a Foreign Minister) is subscription only but seems to about some kind of student  radical at the University of New South Wales:

Alleged terror hit list ‘included Turnbull, Bishop’

Arrest ONE of the University of NSW’s top foreign graduates has been accused of plotting to assassinate Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop in the name of ISIS as part of a sweeping terror spree.


itworkerI found a different story from Perth News which said that the threats were made by an "IT worker".  Could this be some kind of workplace thing

The terror plot to assassinate Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop
7 News Perth
August 31, 2018 6:13AM
The threats were made by a university IT worker.

But I looked at the video from Perth News, and believe it or not, it's a guy on a student visa named Mohamed!

Australia's national broadcaster, the taxpayer-funded ABC,  reports:

Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop among alleged targets for alleged Islamic State affiliate charged over terrorism offences

By Riley Stuart and police reporter Mark Reddie

keypointsUpdated about 3 hours ago

A police source has confirmed Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop were among a list of potential targets allegedly documented in the notebook of a Sri Lankan man charged with a terrorism-related offence.

Mohamed Nizamdeen, 25, was charged on Friday with possessing a blueprint to target several "symbolic" Sydney locations, after officers from NSW's Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) arrested him at Kensington, in Sydney's south-east.

The University of New South Wales contractor appeared in Waverley Local Court where he was refused bail, with the matter adjourned to October 24.

A police source confirmed to the ABC on Friday night that the former prime minister and former foreign affairs minister were allegedly targets for the man.[More]

In spite of the ABC thinking that one of the key points is that "The UNSW employee was wearing a white collared shirt when his matter was heard in court" the actual key points are that this terror plotter was:

  • A guy named Mohamed
  • On a student visa
  • From Sri Lanka

When you let in guys named Mohamed on student visas, you get terror. Case in point:


And here's one more question about that visa, directed at the President of the University of New South Wales: [Email him] if Mohamed Nizamdeen is in Australia on a student visa, why is he being described as an "IT worker"?

Is it possible that in addition to the threat to public safety caused by guys named Mohamed on student visas, is Nizamdeen also being used as cheap labor, to displace an Australian worker?

However, the main point remains that stories about Muslim immigrant terror plots need to have "Muslim" and "Immigrant" in  the headlines. The refusal to do this is one of the many ways that the MSM has earned the nickname "enemy of the people" in more than one country.


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