Ashley Rae Goldenberg: Tech Totalitarians Are Endangering Lives Under Coronavirus Conditions
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Ashley Rae Goldenberg has an article in American Greatness about how what we call Tech Totalitarianism, deplatorming by Facebook, Twitter,, and Uber can actually threaten people's lives under Coronavirus conditions:

She writes:

Modern reliance on technology has never been more evident than now. During the COVID-19 pandemic, modern technological advances have gone from conveniences to life-saving resources.

But not for everyone.

For people banned from tech platforms, the potential emergency resources these platforms provide are out of reach. Banned from Twitter? Reduced access to breaking news. Banned from Uber Eats? Good luck getting food while maintaining social distancing recommendations. Banned from PayPal, Venmo, or GoFundMe? Sending, receiving, and raising money for emergencies becomes a lot harder. Banned from Facebook? Find another way to connect with loved ones during this difficult time. This is the reality for people whose political speech runs afoul of tech censors or who have been targeted by powerful groups for having the “wrong” political beliefs.

Groups like the SPLC, Color of Change, SumofUs, and Sleeping Giants gleefully try to get their political opponents banned from social media and cut off from payment processors. Tech companies are pressured by advocacy organizations and agenda-driven journalists.

When trying to get a “wrongthinker” kicked off social media or cut off from funding sources, organizations, journalists, and companies claim they’re helping people take a moral stand against bigotry. When Laura Loomer was banned from PayPal, the company told Newsweek: “Our decision and actions are values-based, not political.”

However, the people pushing these bans, and enacting them, have trouble explaining exactly how it is moral to limit some people’s access to food because their opinions fall outside the mainstream. How is it moral to cut people off from their support systems—from their friends, families, and neighbors—because they say things some people find offensive? How is it moral to take away peoples’ ability to pay their bills because their political views are on the fringe of current accepted norms?

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