April Fools: Aunt Zeituni Gets a New Hearing
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Despite ignoring a deportation order in 2004, Obama's Aunt Zeituni has gotten a new immigration hearing in Boston on April 1 — April Fool's Day. [ Obama aunt gets immigration hearing, By Jessica Fargen, Boston Herald, January 27, 2009]

Zeituni Onyango has left Boston and is now living with relatives in Cleveland. She has also hired a new high-powered immigration attorney, Margaret Wong, whose firm has offices in four states.

As I said in a previous blog, when Obama celebrated his birthday in Boston last August with a glitzy $5 million fundraiser, Aunt Zeituni was not invited, even though she lived just a short cab ride away.

But now that Obama is president, it appears that Zeituni is no longer a liability. Zeituni attended Barack Obama's Inauguration in Washington, D.C. accompanied by her immigration attorney, including one inaugural ball at the Mayflower Hotel. Perhaps her attorney is taking the case pro bono in order to curry favor with the Obama Administration (Aunt Zeituni is supposed to be destitute, after all).

Last November, candidate Obama told Katie Couric that "If [his aunt] is violating laws, those laws have to be obeyed." But does anyone seriously think that any immigration judge is going to order her deported now?

So this April Fool's Day, the joke will be on us as Aunt Zeituni will be well on her way toward gaining permanent residency, if not American citizenship.

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