Obama Aunt Flaunts Status at Inauguration (While Awaiting her Golden Key to the Trough)
January 28, 2009, 01:00 AM
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Is this the kind of CHANGE the American people voted for? I don`t think so.

Keep in mind that Obama`s aunt is not merely an illegal alien, but an absconder, fleeing from an existing deportation order.

Equal justice under the law has not been the operative mode: Fugitive Obama aunt apparent target in go-easy directive [Tucson News 4, Jan 26, 2009].

WASHINGTON (AP) - A rule quietly imposed by the Bush administration right before Barack Obama was elected president remains in place.

It requires immigration agents to get approval from higher-ups before arresting fugitives in cases where the arrest might generate what Homeland Security terms "negative media or congressional interest."

The department`s directive was issued October 31st, hours before The Associated Press disclosed the illegal status of Obama`s aunt from Kenya. Zeituni Onyango (zay-TUH`-nee awn-YAHN`-goh), was instructed to leave the country four years ago but never left. She spent time in Boston and is now reportedly living in Cleveland.

She`s fighting deportation and was in Washington for Obama`s inauguration last week.

The White House says it will not get involved, and Onyango`s case will be handled like any other.

The White House won`t have to be involved; the message has been sent to law enforcement to back off. Many of the absconders are violent criminals — killers and rapists and gangsters — so the order may endanger Americans by attaching strings to the arrest of the worst of the worst, apparently to protect the new President`s lawbreaking Kenyan relative. That`s the way it sounds at least, although it`s unclear how major a stand-down has occurred: one report noted that 69 people were arrested by ICE in Dallas earlier this month.

And that`s not all: Auntie Ripoff gets another spin at the wheel (even though her previous request for asylum was denied): Obama`s aunt has immigration hearing in April.

We`ll be watching.