Anti-Fascist Fascist On Nick Griffin: "This Is Not A Person Who Should Be Given Any Coverage By A Legitimate Free Press"
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Nick Griffin was greeted by egg-throwing lefties as he tried to do a press conference. This happens to right-wing speakers a lot. In spite of the left's delusions about "fascism," it doesn't happen to left-wing speakers much, because right-wingers don't act like that. But there's this absolutely perfect quote from an "anti-fascist":

Speaking to the BBC, Donna Guthrie of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) said Mr Griffin "may be an elected politician but he is an elected politician from a fascist party".

"This is not a person who should be given any coverage by a legitimate free press," she added.

[Eggs greet Griffin in shadow of parliament, INTHENEWS.CO.UK, Tuesday, June 9 2009 ]

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