Another Reason To End Immigration
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Yunte Huang. An ungrateful bastard if there ever was one. He's a professor of English and his major academic achievement, besides an affirmative action appointment to a professorship, is a book about Charlie Chan. And like the other communist academics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, he has nothing but drooling contempt for Americans, especially Southerners. Even worse he is one of the lying hordes that fled China after Tienanmen Massacre. Undoubtedly this fraudulent asylum applicant has traveled back to China quite often.

You see, Comrade Huang, thinks that taking any action against illegal aliens is evil, racist, and un-Christian. As if he would know anything about Christianity. He might have been an anthropology major the exploitative way he manipulated Alabamans when he first arrived. He treated churches as object of his voyeuristic slumming with the po' white trash who seek refuge in God and guns. So, instead of being able to see the big city, he had to content himself with laughing at the white people who are now paying the salary of his useless academic sinecure.

The New York Times November 20, 2011

Southern Hospitality, But Not For Newcomers

Somewhere along the way, you spot a stranger by the roadside, carrying a Bible, looking lost. As a good Christian, you pull over and offer him a ride. In the car, you introduce him to your family, making sure your kids know their manners. You chat with the stranger. Chances are, he’s from somewhere else, maybe even another country. You drop him off near where he’s going; or, God willing, he’ll come, on your invitation, to your church for the service. If the latter, it will make your day, having welcomed a stranger into the benevolent fold of the Lord.

That stranger could have been me, 20 years ago, in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Fresh out of college in Beijing, I had left my home country in the wake of the Tiananmen massacre. Landing in the sleepy college town, I was disappointed that Times Square was nowhere to be seen. I started going to churches, and without a car, I had to rely on good Samaritans for rides on Sunday. A newbie not yet brazen enough, I always carried a Bible, which seemed to work better than a hitchhiker’s thumb. When kindhearted folks — men in immaculate suits and women in puffy, flowery dresses — stopped for me and asked what church I was going to, I would invariably say, “Yours.”

And, of course, besides being evil, he is stupid as well. Apparently he does not know that to make an arrest in Alabama, an officer of the law must have probable cause that a particular crime has been committed. According to this moron Alabama law enforcement is rounding up people who "look" illegal.

“If the same scene is played again today, you, the good Samaritan, could be in trouble. According to an Alabama law that went into effect on Sept. 1, it is a crime to knowingly give an illegal immigrant a ride. In reality, I was kosher as far as my immigration status was concerned. And even if I were not, you might walk away scot-free because you didn’t know I was illegal. But after Gov. Robert J. Bentley ...signed the immigration law in June, you probably wouldn’t stop for a stranger like me, kosher or not. And that’s one of the problems with the law — its mean spirit.”

So, because it is now a crime to knowingly transport an illegal alien, also a Federal crime for many years, hitch-hikers will not be given rides in Alabama. Since knowledge of illegality is required, why would this have any impact on God-fearing Christians giving Chinese hatemongers a ride so they can laugh at the Christians behind their back is beyond me. Like most idiots commenting on immigration and law enforcement issues, this is typical. There is no liability without knowledge and the officer arresting someone has to have probable cause to act. Huang admits knowing about the knowledge part, yet continues on his racist diatribe against whites solely because he supports illegal immigration. And wants nothing done about it.

But he does want to slander a whole State with no evidence:

“Before xenophobia began to cast a different spell on the South, the folks were courteous, warmhearted, always ready to help out a stranger, as my hitchhiking amply proved. Even in my closest brush with the law during those years, I walked away with a profound admiration for the kind of hospitality characteristic of the South.”

Wow, those evil racist Southerners who where burning crosses and lynching people of color were pretty nice back then before they got the bug in their ear about the costs of illegal immigration.

Just wait Professor Huang when they get the bug in their ear about the cost of legal immigrants like you. Too bad we did not leave this loser to be crushed under a Red tank. But that was probably not likely, he clearly was a Red who has just adopted race as the replacement for the working class after his arrival in the U.S. But it does tell one that legal immigration ain't a good idea, especially in the case of this ungrateful jackass.

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