Ann Coulter Highlights The Headlines You're Not Reading: "Two Mexicans Arrested..."
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In her column tonight (Donald Trump–STILL Right About Mexican Rapists) Ann Coulter talks about the rapes by Hispanic immigrants that go under-reported, or misreported in the Main Stream Media. (See also her earlier column: Trump Opponents Take Nuanced View Of Child Rape.)
That same year, the government busted up a child pornography operation in Illinois being run out of the home of three illegal aliens from Mexico, including a woman. At least one of them, Jorge Muhedano-Hernandez, had already been deported once. (Peoria Journal Star headline: “Bloomington men plead guilty to false documents.”)
That was the only headline she had time to mention, but there were others:


Dodge-Woman-161x161[1]In 2013, illegal immigrant Bertha Leticia Rayo (right)was arrested for allowing her former husband, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, to rape her 4-year-old daughter, then assisting his unsuccessful escape from the police.
isidroIn 2014, Isidro Garcia (right) was arrested in Bell Gardens, California, accused of drugging and kidnapping the 15-year-old daughter of his girlfriend, then forcing the girl to marry him and bear his child. The mother had suspected Garcia, then 31 years old, had been raping her teenage daughter, but did nothing. All three were illegal aliens from Mexico...
MSM Headlines:Bell Gardens man arrested for kidnap, rape, 10-year imprisonment of teen,  and Man accused of holding woman hostage for 10 years ordered to stand trial.


casarezIn 2007, Mexican illegal immigrant Luis Casarez (right) was convicted in New Mexico for repeatedly raping a 3-year-old and an 8-year-old. During his sentencing, Casarez borrowed Marco Rubio’s talking points about hardworking illegal immigrants with roots in America. “I have been here for many years,” Casarez told the judge—incongruously, through a translator. “That’s why,” he added, “I’ve been working instead of getting involved with problems.” Other than that one thing.

Two weeks after Luis Casarez was indicted for child rape, his son, Luis Casarez Jr., was indicted in a separate case of child rape.

MSM Headlines:Police: Fugitive who sexually abused foster children arrested and Two sent to prison on charges of sexual contact with minors.

So you can see why Ms. Coulter writes  Every Pro-Immigration Claim Is A Lie–ESPECIALLY About Immigrant Crime!

Here's what the MSM headlines would look like absent deliberate self-censorship:

Perhaps if America's national media hadn't engaged in a half-century long conspiracy to suppress such headlines, people wouldn't be so upset with Trump. They'd be upset with the rapists, instead.
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