And Then They Came for Judge Kozinski
December 10, 2017, 07:11 AM
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In the Dating Game clip above, future libertarian-leaning judge Alex Kozinski, the lively guy with the Bela Lugosi accent, defeats David Lander, future Squiggy on “Laverne and Shirley,” and then kisses the poor bachelorette like Adrien Brody kissing Halle Berry.

If you recall the absurd 2010 incident in which the dean of the Harvard Law School Martha Minow publicly denounced one of her third years students for having written a private email explaining why she wasn’t wholly convinced by The Bell Curve, one bit of good news in the situation was that the student was headed for a clerkship with Judge Kozinski, and the Judge is not the kind of guy to throw the first stone.

Not surprisingly, from Business Insider:

Former clerks accuse Reagan-appointed appeals court judge of sexual misconduct

David Choi

I vaguely recall hearing about this guy’s porn predilection in 2004 from a former law clerk of his. (Or maybe I’m thinking of another appeals court judge. But probably not. Kozinski is one of the most famous judges outside the Supreme Court, along with Posner and Easterbrook.)

The Judge’s range of opinions are fairly exhausting just to read about.

How much of this is just the guys with the most energy getting called out? I’ve never seen anybody try to quantify interpersonal “energy,” but it sure seems to be something of a common denominator among the perps in Weinsteingate. Most of these guys getting named are horny bastards mostly because they are Not Shy and Not Exhausted from Emotional Labor.

In contrast, Obama seems unlikely to be named because he gets worn out psychologically by personal contact. That’s one explanation for why he stuck with smoking in an era when elites were against smoking. Obama is not big on doing things that are unfashionable, but the rules against smoking indoors gave him an excuse for sneaking outside by himself or with one or two close friends and lighting up. When he was editor of the Harvard Law Review, for example, he spent a huge amount of time outside smoking.

How much of this current phenomenon has something to do with Jewish energy and shamelessness? Most guys get worn down by rejection by women and resolve to improve their batting average by not attempting quite so hopeless approaches. But some guys resolve to make more approaches because they only have to get lucky once per evening.

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