Stick It To PayPal! Become A Monthly Donor!
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Two years ago,’s PayPal account—the account we used for all of our online donations—was suspended with no warning, and no explanation. This happens every day, to patriots all over the county. At the time of our suspension, readers like you were giving more than $10,000 per month in recurring online donations. All of that revenue was wiped out, and we have never successfully rebuilt it.

Because of this, we are suing PayPal. And we’re asking you to join in toward filling that monthly giving gap, to help provide immigration patriots, writers, editors and content producers the peace of mind that comes with reliable revenue.

Making a monthly gift is a great choice, and it’s easy to sign up. Just visit the donation page at, indicate the amount you’d like to donate, and check the box “Make this a recurring monthly payment.” has published 2,867 items last year, informing the fight for patriotic immigration reform. That is about 8 pieces in a day. When you become a monthly donor, your monthly gift is put to work immediately, funding the writers, editors and content producers that are working so hard to Keep America American.

We welcome monthly donations of any size; but for those of you that aren’t sure, we’ve put together some suggestions—and thank you gifts, while supplies last!

  • $5 monthly: three free "ICE is nice!" or "Abolish Open Borders" stickers (Email us with your preference!)
  • $15 monthly: one free hand sanitizer pen, featuring the "Strong Borders, Clean Hands" logo!
  • $25 monthly: a black beverage koozie featuring the VDARE Foundation logo!
  • $50 monthly: flag of your choice—will you get the VDARE 2020 flag? or the banned Confederate Battle Flag?
  • $100 monthly: an invitation to's stunning historic castle in West Virginia!


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