VDARE - Diversity vs. Freedom (continued), by Peter Brimelow
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Diversity vs. Freedom (contd.)

You won't find this on the Washington Times website because, well, who cares? But on April 12, Page C2, the paper carried this short item:

Man given 10 years for burning cross

A man involved in a 1997 cross burning at Bowie [Md.] High School was sentenced to 10 years in prison without parole yesterday.

"This sentence sends out a clear message: There is no place for hate crime in the 21st century," said Lynne A. Battaglia, U.S. attorney for Maryland.

Brian Swetnam, 22, had pleaded guilty to federal hate-crime conspiracy charges.

Federal prosecutors said Swetnam and three other men were angry about an assault on a white student at the school. They discussed ways to threaten black students, including hiring a killer. In the end, they opted for a cross burning, which was carried out June 13, 1997….

VDARE comments:

[1] Ten years? Without parole?

[2] For a crime committed when he was 19 – a high school kid?

[3] In which no-one was hurt?

[4] Why is this a federal case?

[5] What happened to whoever assaulted the white student?

[6] What was the assailant's race (unspecified as usual)?

[7] What if Brian Swetnam had burned a U.S. flag?

[8] What happened to O.J. Simpson?

[9] What was it, exactly, that there was no place for in the 21st century?

See Freedom of Eats by Dianne West, Washington Times April 21, 2000

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