An MLK Day Grovel From National Review
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Having remembered that National Review still exists, I thought I would have a look at how they dealt with MLK Day. It was, after all out of the crucible of opposition to the "Civil Rights" aka Black Privilege movement that the magazine and its founder gained critical momentum.

Of course it was pitiful. The only comment was a cringing piece of sycophancy by Jay Nordlinger entitled MLK, an American Hero-Laureate January 17, 2011

In America, the fact that Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize is not that big a deal. I dare say, relatively few know he won it. King was much bigger than the Nobel Peace Prize. Sometimes the prize makes the man. Sometimes the man enhances the prize...He won in 1964, at age 35

King (who had least had the courtesy to stay for the whole ceremony—he probably liked blondes) enhanced the prize by taking the opportunity to savagely abuse 1964 vintage Republicans, saying:

The American people revealed great maturity by overwhelmingly rejecting a presidential candidate who had become identified with extremism, racism, and retrogression. The voters of our nation rendered a telling blow to the radical right. They defeated those elements in our society which seek to pit white against Negro and lead the nation down a dangerous Fascist path.

Nordlinger ridiculously tries to gloss over this:

An older MLK might well have been ashamed of that rhetoric, or at least regretted it. For one thing, Goldwater's view of government and economics was the opposite of fascist: was the classical-liberal view.

There is of course absolutely no historical basis for this fiction, as Truthout was quite correct in saying on Monday.

The reality is, Martin Luther King was a threat to his country, locked as it was in the Cold War, and extremely bad news in particular for white Americans who have had to face the hazards of desegregation and costs of Affirmative Action.

King's magniloquent boast to the credulous Norwegians

...Negroes of the United States, following the people of India, have demonstrated that nonviolence is not sterile passivity but a powerful moral force which makes for social transformation...

has proven a hollow joke.

Amazingly, there are actually still a few readers of National Review who understand this. GirlGoneRogue posted at 01/17/11 13:28

How come no one (including our school system) ever mentions MLKs philandering and dissertation-plagiarizing past? He was and remains to those who know his true story an unsavory figure...MLK was absolutely going down the road of socialism and wealth redistribution, the natural path for those who see society as the root evil and first cause for all of life's ills.
Nevertheless, I did learn something today: The Nobel Peace Prize, while clearly meaningless now, was equally meaningless 47 years ago.

Of course, there is no one on the actual staff on National Review with the courage and integrity to write this - they have to eat after all. That is why honest discussion has moved to the dissident webzines and blogs. salutes Angry White Dude's contribution Questions On The Eve Of Martin Luther King Day:

Have these people not been, since the 60's, recipients of trillions of dollars in welfare, food stamps and other tremendously expensive social programs to help them improve their station in society?
Do these blacks...not receive the benefits of preferential hiring and Affirmative Action and protection to where it is nearly impossible to be fired in the workplace because of the color of their skin?
Do blacks not enjoy minority set aside contracts with city, state and federal government entities? Are black farmers (and thousands of fake black farmers) now going to be rewarded billions of dollars in reparations because they were refused loans in the past that they were unable to repay? Wasn't segregation of schools outlawed decades ago?What more can society do to make blacks succeed?
Black males commit more than half of America's violent crimes while making up less than 6% of the US population. Blacks use welfare services at percentages far above their percentage of the American population too. In nearly every measurement, blacks lag far behind other races.
Is this what King dreamed? Because this is the reality America suffers in dealing with ghetto blacks today. comment: as Martin Luther King liked to say the truth shall make you free

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