Amy Chua`s Daughter Accepted By Harvard
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April 12, 2011, 03:38 AM
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From AOL News:
It looks like the iron-fisted tiger mother`s hard work paid off: Her 18-year-old daughter has been accepted at Harvard.
In contrast, deer dad Andrew Ferguson, author of Crazy U., didn`t want to reveal where his son wound up after getting turned down by a lot of private colleges, so he just modestly called it Big State University. (It`s easy to deduce from details in the book, however, that his BSU is one of the more prestigious of all public universities, but I won`t violate the kid`s privacy by naming it. Please don`t bother posting guesses in the comments.)

Allow me to reiterate that it`s basically nuts to publish a memoir in which your currently teenage children are major characters. Ferguson`s version of his two kids is much less revealing than Chua`s, but, still, don`t do it.