AMREN Conference: TN Law Enforcement Proves Antifa Can Be Stopped
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The headline below, from the Huffington Post, suggests it's wrong, somehow, for police to protect dissidents:

Police Guard White Nationalist Conference At Tennessee State Park From Protesters

The American Renaissance conference took over a taxpayer-owned hotel. Protesters wanted the racists inside to know they’re not welcome in Tennessee.

By Christopher Mathias, HuffPo, April  29, 2018

Chief-Al-S-Thomas-Jr-1-1Of course, a police force refusing to protect a group for ideological or racial reasons should be unthinkable in America, but it happened in Charlottesville—see Sam Dickson's statement on the Heaphy Report. which reported that Charlottesville's black police chief (right) said "let them fight for a little. It will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly."

An earlier incident—Alabama, Mothers Day, 1961, when "Freedom Riders" were beaten by protesters who wanted them to know that they weren't welcome in Alabama, and the local police chief, Bull Connor (you may have heard of him in school) claimed that the reason his police weren't there is because they were visiting their mothers.

The Tennessee Police are better than that, and were out in force:

As we've been saying, what is needed to stop antifa is the "smack of firm government", or if necessary "ruthless coercion", and of course, making sure that organized mobs aren't allowed to wear masks.

The screenshot at the top of the page shows some antifa with bandannas in pullled up like bandits' masks, which they're doing in solidarity with some guy who was instantly stopped from doing the same thing:

Police also prohibited protesters from wearing masks at this year’s protest. When one young protester briefly wore a bandana around the lower half of his face, police charged at him, grabbed him by the arms and walked him out of the protest pen. Other protesters followed, swarming the police and chanting “Let him go!” and “Shame!”

After the police, having unmasked him, let him go without charging him, these people sat on the grass with bandannas and the police didn't bother to arrest them.

However, one thing worth of note—their banner contains what was almost certainly the only swastika seen at the this conference:


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