Americans Didn’t Vote In 2016 For Record High Immigration, Mr. Trump
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Tucker Carlson’s Friday show took a deep dive on some issues that the mainstream press ignores, including immigration. First off, he noted that years of excessive immigration have resulted in “the percentage of immigrants in this country is at its highest level in a hundred years. . . 14 percent.” True enough.

Patriotic Americans did not vote for such excess, and many citizens chose candidate Trump with the hope that he would work to reduce immigration, as he promised during the campaign. For example, during his August 31, 2016 Phoenix speech, candidate Trump pledged “to establish new immigration controls to boost wages and to ensure that open jobs are offered to American workers first.”

But the president’s declaration during the SOTU speech that he intended to increase immigration has put pro-sovereignty citizens on notice that the ultimate flip-flop has taken place. Does he think all the anti-Trump haters will be won over by open borders? Not bloody likely. But his base will sit out the 2020 election in droves.

Trump seems to think America needs more workers, even though automation is coming on strong in the near future.

Below, a predictive chart from a PwC report How will automation impact jobs? shows increased use of smart machines even as America’s open borders welcome unskilled foreigners from Honduras and beyond — it’s no way to build a stable society for our nation’s future.

Remember, concerned citizens:

Automation Makes Immigration Obsolete

It’s refreshing to hear Tucker Carlson talk about the obvious, that immigration increases US population and changes the demographic mix — something rarely mentioned today in polite society.

TUCKER CARLSON: Welcome back to our “Inside the Issues” special, now to the question of immigration in America. The percentage of immigrants in this country is at its highest level in a hundred years.

According to Census Bureau numbers, at least 14 percent of everyone in America was born somewhere else, in another country. That’s about 45 million people, and that figure rises by about a million every single year.

Even under the current president, more than two million additional immigrants have been given green cards. about half of this foreign-born population is Hispanic and that’s a political concern for Republicans. They have heard over and over again, they need to embrace open borders in order to win over Hispanic voters.

But as usual, that is simply projection. The media class wants open borders, most actual Hispanic voters do not. A new Pew poll shows that only 14 percent of Hispanic Americans think America has too few immigrants. Fully 73 percent believe we don’t need any more immigrants or we would be better off with fewer immigrants, and that’s where most people are.

Americans don’t hate immigrants, obviously, it’s the most welcoming country in the world, but a large majority of Americans believe we have enough already. For the last two years, the White House said it understood this. This is a democracy and so major government policies must reflect the view of most citizens especially over time.

But then something changed. Over the last month, several news outlets have reported that the White House now backs policies to import even more immigrants, to the highest level ever in the history of the country. The President himself said this at the State of the Union. So who is the constituency for this? Who wants this?

Well, left-wing activists do. Corporate donors do. CNN anchors do. And that’s about it, actually. Nobody else wants that, but apparently we are getting it anyway. No wonder people are angry. . . .

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