America's Least Literate Cities: What Could Be The Common Denominator?
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The annual list of America's cities where reading is most and least popular has come out again, and once more America's most literate pundits remain baffled by why reading is popular in some metropolitan areas but not in others:

America's 5 most literate cities:

5. Denver, Colo.

4. Pittsburgh, Pa.

3. Minneapolis, Minn.

2. Seattle, Wash.

1. Washington, D.C.

America's five least literate cities:

5. Anaheim, Calif.

4. El Paso, Texas

3. Stockton, Calif.

2. Corpus Christi, Texas

1. Bakersfield, Calif.

You know what we need to fix the problems of Anaheim, El Paso, Stockton, Corpus Christi, and Bakersfield?

More immigration. 

Granted, I'm not sure exactly why, but I've been reading a lot of punditry lately, and that seems to be solution for just about everything, so why not literacy?

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