All Readers Can Sympathize With...
March 29, 2007, 04:18 AM
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and be amused by this post from a blogger calling herself Common Reader, who was forty-five minutes early for Church in Dunn, North Carolina, and while she was waiting, her husband observed

one of those helpful gentlemen here to do the jobs American won`t do was discovered by the three of his countrywomen whom he`d gotten with child, which delicate condition prevented none of them from beating him, and each other, into the ground.

Driving away, Mr. Common Reader found himself in a neighborhood that didn`t care for his presence and let him know by yelling "honky!" and pelting his car. He told me about this in the church parking lot. I said, "It`s so unfair that I post the things I do about racial relations, and you`re the one who gets pursued by the angry mob."

It`s a very nice church.