Who To Offend
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Clayton Cramer writes

How You Can Tell That A Liberal is the President of Your University

He threatens retaliation against College Republicans because he didn't like a flyer—and apparently fires employees for failing to engage in censorship:

Cramer is referring to this story:Kustra threatens College Republicans and may have terminated BSU staff member Boise State Arbiter Online,Jessica Christensen

Which is about this flyer, in PDF, promoting a speech by Robert Vasquez.

The text of the story refers to "the controversial fliers promoting ”America’s Illegal Alien Invasion”. "

Actually, the flyers were promoting a speech about the illegal alien invasion, they were not promoting the invasion itself. For a speech promoting America’s illegal alien invasion, you'd have to go not to the College Republicans, but to certain grown-up Republicans, say Karl Rove, or George W. Bush.

Cramer writes

Look, the flyer was offensive in a playful way. I would not have put together such a flyer. (Even when I was the age of the College Republicans, I think I would laughed loudly and said, "We can't do this.") Still, someone does need to remind Kustra that this pesky thing called the First Amendment doesn't just apply to student groups with pictures of Che Guevara, and student presentations of plays like The Vagina Monologues. It even applies to Republicans!

But who's offended? The flyer includes pictures of illegal ID, pictures of the famous "Aliens Crossing" highway sign, a picture of Mr. Vasquez himself, the words Celebrate Cesar Chavez week,(Cesar Chavez was strong supporter of immigration enforcement) and this contest suggestion:

Win dinner for two at a local Mexican Restaurant! Climb through the hole in the fence and enter your false ID documents into the food stamp drawing!

You may not want to say "I don't care who you are, that's funny right there" like Larry the Cable Guy, but you can't help noticing that it's not about stereotyping Hispanic-Americans, it's about stereotyping illegals.

The only people who should be offended are illegal immigrants, and those who support illegal immigration. And who cares if they get offended? It's like asking us not to offend bank robbers.

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