Aliens Riot In Singapore Over Traffic Accident
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Guest workers in Singapore have rioted after a Bangladeshi guest worker was killed in a traffic accident.  Those rioting and arrested were primarily Bangladeshi guest workers as well. December 9, 2013

Fatal Crash Sparks Riots In Singapore

A crowd has set fire to vehicles and clashed with police in the Indian district of Singapore in a rare outbreak of rioting in the city state.

The incident on Sunday night reportedly started after a private bus hit and killed a foreign worker in the Little India area. Television footage showed a crowd of people smashing the windscreen of a bus, and at least three police cars being flipped over.

Singapore Police Force said the riot started after a fatal traffic accident. "Shortly after, a riot broke out involving a crowd of about 400 subjects where the subjects damaged five police vehicles and one ambulance," it said in a statement, adding that about 10 police officers were injured.

Little India is usually packed with people on Sundays, with many construction workers from Bangladesh and India gathering there to spend their day off.

Incidents like this are rare in Singapore, which has tough laws on rioting that carry a sentence of up to seven years in prison and possible caning.

This incident, which escalated to rioting quite quickly shows the danger of guest workers from the Third World.  Bangladeshi guest workers brought their violent and dangerous culture with them.  Politics and social interaction in Bangladeshi is not based on learned social norms and a general monopoly of violence exercised by the state, but a common feature of Bangladeshi society that is aggravated by Islam.  Here Bangladeshi workers went from relaxing on their day off, to widespread violence in a matter of minutes, and all over a traffic accident.  And violence is the Mexican response to a traffic accident as well.

In this video it is reported than no Singaporeans were rioting, just South Asians.  Also note that the Singapore Police use Gurkhas as riot police.  Don't want to mess with those guys.

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