Africa Command
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The news that the U.S. military is going to fight the Lord's Resistance Army in central African reminded me that the U.S. military has had, for a few years now, an organization entitled "Africa Command." For reasons that need not detain us here, the 2,000 personnel of Africa Command are actually based in Stuttgart*. But you have to admit that "Africa Command" is a pretty cool name. That sounds like a 1966 adventure show that would have come on right after "Jonny Quest" and right before "Daktari." If I were seven years old again, I would definitely watch "Africa Command."

* Ruling elites in Africa are jokingly referred to by less privileged Africans as members of the Wabenzi tribe, after their favorite brand of automobile, so perhaps Stuttgart was chosen for its extensive natural resources of Mercedes and Porsches?

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