ADL Loughner Analysis Revealing—About ADL As Well
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America's Political Police in training, the vigilante group calling itself the Anti-Defamation League, has put out an 1,800-word study of Jared Loughner's internet presence: The Mindset of Jared Lee Loughner.


While the accompanying Press Release was dishonestly headlined Arizona Shooter's Online Footprint Shows Distrust Of Government, Interest In Conspiracy Theories, enabling the ADL to lend support to the MSM dogma that the Giffords shooting involved the political Right, the content of the study destroys this contention.

  • Taken together, Loughner's often disjointed, rambling and semi-coherent writings suggest someone who probably is not associated with any particular extremist groups or movements, but has a generic distrust of government and a vague interest in conspiracy theories...Loughner's writings do not provide any solid body of evidence or any patterns that would seem clearly to point to a particular ideology or belief system as a significant motivating factor...
  • "One opinion clearly expressed in Loughner's on-line expressions is a distrust or dislike of religion, especially Christianity...he repeatedly mocked Christianity and those who believe in it. Often he expressed a belief that the Bible was pure fiction."

(Since the ADL analyst never says Loughner ever once mentioned Jews, this reduces the status of those who claimed to see anti-Semitism in his crime to that of mendacious liars.)

  • The analyst rejects the idea Loughner's literacy obsession was actually covert hostility to Hispanics:
...Some viewers have interpreted these remarks as being potentially anti-immigrant in nature, suggesting that Loughner referred to Hispanic immigrants when he mentioned illiterate people. However...Loughner repeatedly calls people illiterate, including whites...when he sent a link to one of his YouTube videos to all of his Myspace "friends"...he introduced the link by saying "Hello, I know you're illiterate!" In a "goodbye" message he posted on Myspace in January 2011, he stated that "The literacy rate is below 5%,,,
  • Loughner's interest in gold, which has led one prominent financial commentator to describe him as an "apparent gold bug" and of course would bolster the case for him to be considered of the Right, was very fleeting:
"Near the end of one of his videos, entitled "My Final Thoughts," Loughner briefly proclaimed "No! I won't pay debt with a currency that's not backed by gold and silver!"
This is clearly a reference to a concept prevalent in the anti-government and right-wing "Patriot" movement that only gold and silver, not paper money, is valid currency. However, neither in this video nor elsewhere does Loughner elaborate on this statement, or even where he might have learned of the concept."

The ADL essay thoroughly documents Loughner as a deranged man of no political significance. It must have taken enormous time. What resources they have!


Unfortunately for those of us who inhabit the blogosphere, it seems the ADL has something else too. In the Introduction, the author calmly asserts appears that Loughner, using the screen name Erad3, posted writings on the conspiracy-oriented Web site "Above Top Secret." These postings provide more illumination about Loughner's probable mindset in recent months.

and confidently proceeds to incorporate analysis of these postings into the essay. How did they find that out? Did Above Top Secret or its webhost volunteer this confidential information? Does the ADL have software to crack pseudonyms?

Can any computer literate shed light on this question?

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