A Tale of Two "Ho" Slanders
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Unless you are just coming out of a coma, you are aware that Don Imus, the shockjock with pretentions of relevance, has gotten an avalanche of MSM attention for calling some college athletes "hos."

But when the Democrat Chair of the Hispanic Caucus labels a woman who is also an elected Representative a "whore" ... Not so much.

Rep. Joe Baca reportedly called Rep. Loretta Sanchez a whore last year in a conversation with California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, causing her to resign from the 21-member Caucus in February.

A firestorm erupted Wednesday within the Congressional Hispanic Caucus when California Rep. Loretta Sanchez quit in protest of Rep. Joe Baca's chairmanship and alleged mistreatment of women.

Sanchez, in her fifth term representing California's 47th District, reportedly is furious at fellow California Democrat, Baca, for alleged derogatory remarks. In an interview with Politico.com she accused him of calling her a "whore." [Rep. Sanchez Steps Down From Congressional Hispanic Caucus After Interview Causes Firestorm, Fox News 2/1/07]

Today it was reported that her sister and fellow House Representative Linda Sanchez followed suit by resigning her position in the Caucus. Presumably conditions of disrespectful treatment of women have not been alleviated in the past few weeks.

WASHINGTON - A second female lawmaker said Thursday that she is quitting the Congressional Hispanic Caucus over opposition to its male leadership.

The announcement came from California Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez, the sister of California Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez, who quit the caucus in January and accused the group's chairman of calling her a "whore." 2nd female lawmaker quits Congressional Hispanic Caucus,

Unsurprisingly, the MSM has little interest in misogynous behavior in powerful places when the perp is a Democrat and a Hispanic.

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