A Pulitzer For VDARE.com?
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Colby Cosh points to an AFP story Breitbart.com that says we're eligible for a Pulitzer Prize, political considerations aside: Pulitzer Prizes to allow online-only publications.

As early as 1999 they would review online content as eligible, but only if they came from sites like National Review Online, or nytimes.com, which were associated with money-losing treezines. (The New York Times used to make a profit—National Review has always lost money, and requires much more in the way of funding than we ever ask for.) But now web-only zines like VDARE.com will be eligible. I don't expect to win anytime soon, but it will provide an answer to anyone who is foolish enough to think that we're not really journalists—"You might want to check that with the Pulitzer Committee!"

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