A Geneticist Forecasts: "Revealed Preferences Do Dictate History"
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Readers may remember the name Razib Khan from a year and some ago.  He was the strangely dark-hued "white supremacist" who got hired and fired by the New York Times both in one day.

Razib, who is a working geneticist (as well as being a blogger at the Unz Review and the only person in my acquaintance to have gotten part of his schooling at a Madrassah), has just done a 40-minute podcast interview about the near future of applied genetic research with James Miller at Future Strategist.

It's well worth your time.  If you don't have the time, Randall Parker at Future Pundit offers a handy précis.  From which:

Offspring genetic selection for IQ will come sooner than widespread adoption of electric cars. Razib thinks we'll know enough about the genetic structure of intelligence to start doing embryo selection for higher intelligence by 2020.

We will see people accept genetic research results by their own choices when they come to reproduce. Says Razib: "Revealed preferences do dictate history at the end of the day."

Everybody will be fine with this just so long as you don't call it "eugenics"!


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