China's Getting Interested In Trump, AKA "Streams All Over"
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China's getting interested in Trump.

From Global Times, a sort of ChiCom equivalent of the New York Post, all italics mine:

The US traditional political elite and media have long ignored the drastic changes in US society. Rising against the repression of the GOP establishment and the mockery of US mainstream media, Trump will substantially shake the conventional US' way of operation. Acquiring more authority from US society, he will be expected to bring in more reforms, that might change many established policies.

According to Trump's current policy proposals, a Trump-led US might be inclined to isolationism and attach more importance to "America First," and American economy. Ideology will be downplayed. Washington might engage in more squabbles with its free-riding allies, and tighten up its immigration policy which as a result will upset the Latin Americans. After enjoying massive trade surplus from the US for years, China and Japan will be demanded by Washington to widen market access.

If Clinton is elected, the US politics will be more predictable and revolve around the previous orbit. Although Washington is expected to be tougher on Beijing, its policies are controllable. While Trump represents pragmatism, Clinton prioritizes ideology in political affairs. To China, this distinction is more important. Clinton sees the Sino-US relationship from a traditional perspective, and Trump from a much newer viewpoint. The latter will bring changes to the Sino-US relationship.  [Unpredictable Trump could swing either way on China, unsigned editorial, Global Times; May 4th 2016.]

In case you're wondering, "Donald Trump" transliterates into Chinese as Tangnade Chuanpu.  Here's his Chinese Wikipedia page.  The transcription is purely phonetic (no, really), but for the record chuanpu means "streams all over."


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