Peter Hitchens On Romney v. Obama: "A Dull Contest Between Two Mediocrities"
November 05, 2012, 04:42 PM
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From across the pond, Peter Hitchens at MailOnline views our election while sucking on a lemon:

For a proper conservative, American national politics is a desert. You can choose between declared liberals and neo-conservatives who are liberal on all important issues. And that`s it. Or there`s dear old Ron Paul, who is another sort of liberal, really.  But he`s not important anyway. There`s nobody who is really socially conservative, above all nobody who will act( it`s decades too late anyway) to end the lax immigration politics which have revolutionised the country and will render it unrecognisable within 30 years. There`s nobody who will rescue the married family, or protect and recreate manufacturing industry so that ordinary people have proper honest work to do again, or reform the schools, or devise a foreign policy that actually makes the country safer . . . The "Romney is a raging conservative" claim must be an effort to make a dull contest between two mediocrities, for an over-rated office that isn`t really all that powerful,  appear more interesting than it is.