A Bear Named Mohammed
November 29, 2007, 03:34 AM
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A (female) British teacher in Sudan has been charged with blasphemy, and may be flogged, for allowing her students to name a classroom Teddy bear after Mohammed. What struck me as odd about that is that Mohammed is one of the most popular men`s names in the Muslim world. As Mark Steyn wrote
These days, whenever something goofy turns up on the news, chances are it involves a fellow called Mohammed. A plane flies into the World Trade Centre? Mohammed Atta. A gunman shoots up the El Al counter at Los Angeles airport? Hesham Mohamed Hedayet. A sniper starts killing petrol station customers around Washington, DC? John Allen Muhammed. A guy fatally stabs a Dutch movie director? Mohammed Bouyeri. A terrorist slaughters dozens in Bali? Noordin Mohamed. A gang-rapist in Sydney? Mohammed Skaf. [Racism is bad - so is self-delusion - Telegraph, December 20, 2005]
Now it turns out that a 7-year old has "come forward" to say that he named the bear after himself. But it turns out that she may face "more serious charges."

It`s also reported that she`s been in jail for 48 hours and hasn`t been given food by her jailers.

�She is sitting all by herself. No one has talked to her. No one has been in to see her today and she looks very sad,� said a police officer outside the Criminal Exploration Bureau, in one of Khartoum’s dusty side streets. �She has also had no food yet.�

British consular officials were turned away yesterday afternoon but were allowed to leave a bag of chicken kebabs and some water. [Gillian Gibbons at risk of more serious charges after letting her class of 7-year-olds name a teddy bear Muhammad, Times of London, November 28, 2007]

At least the British goverment is protesting, but that`s about all they can do. Not only are they not willing to send a gunboat, as in the nineteenth century, but Britain is now so politically correct they`re not in a position to complain—it`s now an offense to blaspheme against the Prophet in Britain.

I suggest that any one thinking of a job overseas should not pick a Muslim country.