MSM Sights Spanish-Speaking Elves
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Leave it to a reporter to compare illegal alien job thieves with Santa's little helpers. Also of interest, the only use of the word "Christmas" in the whole article was to describe one man's t-shirt.
HAYWARD – Like Santa and his merry elves, a green-vested volunteer team of Guatemalan day laborers came out of the shadows Tuesday morning to spread some holiday cheer.

No toys. Just lots of gum-scraping, leaf-raking, graffiti-busting and deep-cleaning of downtown sidewalks.

Carlos Alinan, wearing a T-shirt depicting characters from "A Garfield Christmas Special," hoped that his scrubbing of a grimy Main Street also carried a subtle message.

"We're trying to make a good impression," he said in Spanish. "Some people like us and some people don't." [Day laborers clean up downtown to improve Hayward's image , ANG Newspapers, November 28, 2007]

Unlike the traditional elves up at the North Pole, who are universally loved.

Say, as a way of showing gratitude, why doesn't Hayward reward these helpful fellows with repatriation, er a free ride home to celebrate Christmas with the family?

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