7% Of Ghana Has Applied For Visas To Immigrate Here. That's Just For Starters.
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From the interesting webzine Quartz Africa: Ghanaians had more applications to win the US green card lottery than any other country by Yomi Kazeem April 19 2017
It’s all the more remarkable because those applications, based on US State Dept. data analysis by Pew Research, would account for around 7% of Ghana’s population of 25 million.
Steve Sailer in March posted The World’s Dumbest Immigration Program: The Visa Lottery discussing this scam, which is often referred to as the “diversity visa”. Supporters openly applaud the lottery as accelerating the dilution of White America.

But Steve has also repeatedly stressed the cause of this phenomenon: Africa’s irresponsible population explosion: see The World’s Most Important Graph: African Population Projections

This is what is causing the tide of economic migrants out of Africa in search of the economic benefits of white-ruled Countries. Yesterday the Daily Mail posted Fewer than 3% of migrants who reached Italy after crossing the Mediterranean in 2016 were deemed refugees, UN report shows.  The volume crossing the Mediterranean in 2017 has reached unprecedented levels.

Once here, African immigrants will draw in immense numbers of 'relatives' via family renunification policy chain migration.

For my own part I expressed my view in America Does Not Need ANY Immigrants From Africa. West African countries have an average IQ of 70 – borderline retarded. There is no chance of Ghanaian immigrants as a whole being self-supporting in the modern American economy.

But that does not mean that individuals are not capable of figuring out advantageous loopholes which others can follow. In Maine’s Asylum/Welfare Loophole: Why Won’t All Africa Come? I noted that the main beneficiaries of Maine's silly policy, arrivals from Burundi, Angola, Congo and Rwanda, came from countries where the former colonial rulers were not English- speaking. Someone had some enterprise.

I look forward to Quartz Africa’s weekly bulletin. Last October it gave me the happy news that Somalia from which Dumb Uncle Sam is still importing “refugees” has a flourishing tourist trade – driven by Somalis visiting from the United States.

Of course the Diversity Visa should be abolished. But with the Democrats now locked into their No Borders policy, I guess we’ll have to wait until the GOP controls the White House, Senate and House.

Than something will be done...won't it?


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