Arab Chain Migration—Muslim Fertility Makes For A Long Chain
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From Kathy Shaidle’s FiveFeetOfFury blog:
Mark Steyn writes: ‘Kathy [Shaidle] reprises her celebrated line — Halt Muslim immigration to the west’ Now if only “celebrated” meant “showered in cash” and not “don’t tell anybody I read your blog”…
The link for showering Kathy with money is here–and you may be better off saying you read her blog than ours. (You can shower us with cash if you like, as well.)
She goes on to quote Steyn as saying
It’s worth adding that, even if governments did this starting at midnight, the differences in birthrates among those already present would mean that within two generations Muslims in major European countries would still represent between a fifth and half of the general population and overwhelmingly dominate the major cities.
I’ll add to that a chain migration point–Muslims in the Arab world frequently have very large families. Assuming the US lets in an Arab engineer or scientist because he’s “skilled”–I. E. cheaper than an American, as well as more of a terrorism risk–he’s entitled to bring in his adult siblings. All twelve of them.

How many children do they already have? How many wives? How many kids will they have in the US? It’s a big long chain, and it’s around the neck of the US taxpayer.

Phil Gingrey has submitted a bill to deal with the chain migration/adult siblings problem–see NumbersUSA’s post Rep. Phil Gingrey Offers Bill to End Chain Migration February 15, 2011.

This is a big secret as far as the Mainstream Media is concerned–a Google News Search for “Gingrey” amd “chain migration” found only one result–and that was from a commenter on Time’s blog. But it’s a start.


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