"47 Million Uninsured Americans?" Not Exactly!
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When I saw a post titled Who Is Uninsured, from the Independent Women's Forum, I was wondering if it were about the immigration factor in the health insurance crisis, but unfortunately, no.

Sally Pipes of the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute has a 6 page briefing [PDF] on Health Insurance, and why it would be a bad idea for the United States to switch to a Canadian model. (Bad for Canada too, by the way, they need a free market health system over the border to catch what socialized medicine can't handle.) And she's right, of course.

But there's no mention of the effect of legal and illegal immmigration on health costs—the bottom line is that many of the hard-core "uninsured Americans" aren't Americans at all. And their health costs are covered by the taxpayer while they're picking raisins, pears, or tomatoes, or working as day laborers in construction.

Hard, sometimes dangerous work with no employer paid health insurance—which means that the employer is benefiting from the illegal aliens emergency room healthcare.

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