2Kevins With Grace & Steel: Trump Takes NH, KMG Comes A Cropper There in 1980, etc.
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Episode 25 of my podcast with Kevin Steel is now posted here. In Part 1, we discuss Donald Trump’s blowout victory in the New Hampshire Primary and Hillary Clinton’s humiliating defeat. Trump’s triumph proves Peter Brimelow’s contention that “it would only take one speech” to transform American politics. As to the argument that Trump must broaden his platform, I contend that voters don’t care about platforms and that, in the event, politicians do not consider themselves bound to keep the promises made therein. Trump stands for building a wall and making Mexico pay, keeping Muslims out and valuing American workers higher than globalist imperatives. He is the patriot candidate, and the others are not. What more does anyone need?

As for Hillary, we note that the only demographics she carried in New Hampshire were the superannuated and the 1%, i.e., voters 65 years of age and older and those earning at least $200,000 annually. This does not bode well for her chances in November, and neither does her determination to out pander Bernie Sanders with the Black Lives Matters crowd. Nixon won in 1968 in large part because the country was disgusted by and fearful of black radicalism, and in 2016 there won’t be a George Wallace to split Trump’s vote.

I then relate my experience as a volunteer for Ronald Reagan in the 1980 New Hampshire Primary. This ended in confusion and embarrassment after a waitress wearing an orange pumpkin uniform (who also happened to be the boss of the Manchester office) claimed to have seen me breaking bread with supporters of legendary conspiracy theorist and then-Democratic candidate Lyndon LaRouche in a local Holiday Inn.

In Part 2, we examine the trial of erstwhile CBC Radio star and SJW icon Jian Ghomeshi for allegedly subjecting some of his many conquests to sexual sadism. Ghomeshi’s defence attorney further humiliated these women when her vigorous cross-examination revealed that they, just like Julian Assange’s accusers, had been somewhat economical with the actualité. We conclude that l’affaire Ghomeshi proves that the internal contradictions of liberalism have rendered it untenable, especially in Ontario, the province that bids fair to replace Sweden as “the Saudi Arabia of feminism.”

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