Is Putin Pushing Muslim Refugees to Destroy Europe? Meme Spreads from Soros to McCain
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Recently, George Soros asserted that Vladimir Putin was attempting to undermine the European Union with Muslim refugees:

Soros: Putin Trying to Destroy EU with Muslim Migrants, So EU Must Invite in More Muslim Migrants (Or Something)
Now that meme seems to be spreading through the ranks of Respectable Codgers. From The Independent:
Vladimir Putin ‘making refugee crisis worse to undermine Europe’

… The intensified air campaign follows accusations from Senator John McCain, chairman of the US Senate armed services committee, that Russian President Vladimir Putin was intentionally stoking the refugee crisis in order to undermine the European project. …

Speaking on the final day of the annual Munich security conference Mr McCain accused Moscow of using its aerial campaign in Syria to add to the flow of people feeling the Middle East.

“He [Mr Putin] wants to exacerbate the refugee crisis and use it as a weapon to divide the transatlantic alliance and undermine the European project,” he said, “His appetite is growing with the eating”.

Similarly, NYT columnist Roger Cohen writes:
Will Merkel Pay for Doing the Right Thing?

… In Russia, [Dr. Merkel] needs President Vladimir Putin’s cooperation, but a core element of his strategy is the undermining of a united Europe; the refugee flow from Syria achieves just that.

It would seem that if the Putin is really trying to destroy Europe with his Muslim migrant infiltrators, then Soros, McCain, and Cohen should be demanding that Merkel fight back against Putin’s dastardly plot by … not letting so many Muslims in.

As you’ll recall, the migrant crisis went into overdrive on August 25, 2015 when the German government sent out a tweet saying, in effect, that they wouldn’t obey E.U. rules on migrants anymore. So the German could now send out another tweet saying something to the effect of, “We’re going back to obeying our pledge to the rest of the E.U., so … never mind.”

But rather than have Germany go to all that trouble of thwarting Putin’s plan by expending 140 characters, Soros, McCain, and Cohen seem to want the U.S. to risk World War III with Russia.

I guess I just don’t understand the foolproof logic of Invite the World / Invade the World.

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