War On Christmas, NBA Edition: A New York Reader Wonders “Do Basketball Players Know It’s Christmas?”
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Re: NBA, Players Reach Tentative Deal to Begin Abbreviated Season on Dec. 25 - Bloomberg

From: Thomas McCarthy (e-mail him)

Perhaps I am being oversensitive; Lord knows it wouldn't be the first time.

Yet I was struck that the particular subset of the Masters of the Universe that runs the NBA—a racket for the delectation of white Americans who think sports aren't really sports unless criminally inclined minorities and H1B Second and Third Worlders over six-foot-ten constitute 90 percent of the participants—has settled on Christmas Day to spring its mercifully somewhat abbreviated season of barbarity on all and sundry. The headlines here in Bloomberg-run New York hailed a triple-header of games at Madison Square Garden, though what teams are involved someone else will have to tell you.

Isn't it bad enough that, with the commemoration of Our Savior's birth falling on a Sunday this year, the inclination to focus on the day and its true meaning will be under attack from the usual three or four gladiatorial contests involving footballs and body armor?

Do we need the added boredom and steroidal perversity of basketball as well? Isn't it customary and, what is more, sensible for business people to choose a time and place likely to maximize their audience by minimizing distractions? Couldn't the NBA have gotten more focus on itself and its activities by having the inaugural games on, say, December 21 (the first day of Hanukkah) or on December 26 (when millions thousands hundreds scores tens of people begin their annual celebration of themselves Kwanzaa)?

Or are those days too sacred to be disturbed by commercial uncouthness and the whining play-by-play of some developmentally delayed member of the Albert family?

Of course, if distracting people from the proper "business" of Christmas is one's goal, then the lords of the NBA may be said to have hit the corporate bull's-eye. I myself, having grown weary of and disgusted with the endless and increasingly ill-concealed conspiratorial activities of what VDARE.com with good reason calls the Treason Lobby (which is either the parent company of Christophobia Central Inc. or one of the latter's wholly owned dummy corporations; I don't know which for sure), tend nowadays almost inevitably to look for malice and mischief in an exercise, such as this one, with so few marks of innocent coincidence about it.

Come to think of it, all things considered, even if I am being oversensitive, it might take some doing to convince me of it.

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James Fulford writes: I see that the Bloomberg headline above describes the games as taking place on “Dec.25th” although NBA Commissioner David Stern described them as taking place on “Christmas Day.


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