An Irish Reader Wonders Why Asking For Voter ID Is Even Questioned
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From: An Anonymous Irishwoman [Email her]

As an Irish person, the fact that the US is even having the debate is puzzling. Why shouldn’t people have to show photo ID in order to vote? Are the polling staff meant to take your word for it that you are eligible to vote?

The American left seems to worship the European model when it comes to our healthcare and welfare states. But they never seem to extend that to our immigration or voting models. No European country gives citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants and it would never occur to us that people should be able to vote without proving they are eligible to do so. Why the difference?

The claim that “the poor” in America cannot afford photo ID does not make sense to me. If three quarters of poor households own at least one car, then why can’t people use their driving licenses? And if the very poorest of the poor can’t get photo ID, then how do they receive government assistance, or buy alcohol?

The arguments against photo ID make no sense. It looks like people are desperately trying to keep on committing voter fraud.

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