An Illinois Reader Describes His Call To Jason Chaffetz's Office
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Re: James Fulford's article Republican Legislators And The US Chamber Of Commerce Collude On Increasing Legal Immigration During Great Recession

From: Jerry In Illinois [Email him]

I just called Rep Jason Chaffetz’s office to complain about HR. 3012, and talked to a guy who says this bill doesn’t increase immigrants! He also says that American companies have to look for unemployed Americans first. I told him that all these companies and the Chamber Of Commerce want is more cheap labor. He almost came unglued when I said that. He also said that it’s a huge cost to American companies to hire Immigrants instead of Americans.

I think Rob Sanchez should give him a call. He’s armed with the facts and can’t be BSed like I can.

I also said we need a moratorium on immigration not more immigrants until unemployment is around 5%. He said that it’s just my opinion.

He said I was wrong on all accounts. I told him I have been out of work for over four years and he was unimpressed.

James Fulford writes: If it doesn't increase immigrants, why is Tamar Jacoby cheering? It has to increase immigrants, because it's designed to let in specific people who would be kept out by visa caps. It's cheaper for companies to hire H1Bs because they're paid lower wages, even if the companies' legal departments are kept busy.

And companies don't really have to look forunemployed Americans first—that's the kind of thing that's been debunked repeatedly by Dr. Norm Matloff and Rob Sanchez.

One thing readers can do on phone calls like this is call from a phone next to your computer, and if a Congressional staffer says something that doesn't sound right, you can Google it, or use the search box (above right) and get the real facts while you're still talking.

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