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11/13/09 - A Seattle Reader Says Murderer Monfort Has Residents Questioning Affirmative Action

An Illinois Reader Says Blacks Don't Speak Honestly With Whites About Immigration; etc.

From: Trish (e-mail her)

Re: Today's Letter: An African-American Harvard Graduate Says VDARE.COM Needs To Understand The Complex Relationships Among Blacks

Letter writer Braveheart's knee-jerk defense of Henry Luis Gates who charged Sgt. James Crowley of racism without any supporting evidence proves why it's so difficult to create approaches that could unite black and white Americans in the fight against legal and illegal immigration

Blacks (including most obviously Barack Obama) refuse to talk honestly with whites even when our shared future is at stake.

Braveheart accuses Steve Sailer (who wrote about the Gates-Crowley confrontation here) of blindly supporting Crowley because, I assume, both are white.

Yet it's Braveheart, not Sailer, who is guilty of blind support.

She believes Gates when he accuses Crowley of writing a false report because as she wrote "Gates is the least likely Negro on the planet to accuse a white Cambridge police officer, or any police officer, of racism" and "Harvard/Cambridge is the place from which he derives his personal power"? 

Since Braveheart claims that Gates is called "The White Man" by other black scholars, I say that it's probable that he would portray himself as a victim of who he perceives as white racist cops to gain the respectability among black colleagues that he's apparently lacking. 

More blind support: Braveheart declared that the entire Cambridge police force lied and are "dimwits" trying to cover their butts in the face of "blowback from the White House". 

However, both Crowley and fellow officer Carlos Figueroa's reports were filed within an hour of the time the incident began—long before it became national news. Crowley had no way of knowing there would be "blowback," or even that Gates was "high profile"

I'm sure police officers often slant their reports to put themselves in the best possible light. But there were numerous witnesses and at least some of their conversation was being transmitted and recorded as it occurred. 

White Americans do already understand what Braveheart wants us to: "that African Americans come in distinctly different stripes and categories" and that "there are complex relationships among us". 

We also know, however, that middle and upper class African Americans do not speak honestly about race and immigration issues in public (i.e., where white people might hear). 

Instead, they cede black "leadership" to the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons—and then blame their failures that on whites as well. 

By the way, Harvard-graduate, career-obsessed, black sort-of professor Barack Obama is a big supporter of illegal immigration.

Exactly what distinction should we make between Judas goats like Jackson and Sharpton (to use Braveheart's term) and black scholars like Obama?

Trish, who is white, writes that in the late 1970s she worked at an engineering company that was overloaded with green card holders. Even thirty years ago, she continues, their kids were competing with American students for college/career opportunities.

Now Trish says she's shifted careers but is still surrounded by H-1Bs in her new field of accounting. All of them are busy producing another generation of children that will compete in the market place with American children, white and black.

That, emphasizes Trish, is what should concern African Americans, not Gates' bruised ego.

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An NY Lawyer Says, No Matter What You Hear, Mandatory Health Insurance Is Unconstitutional

From:  Peter Castiglione (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Democrats Delusional On Obamacare—Whistling Past Halloween Graveyard On Amnesty

Guzzardi wrote:

"Federally mandated purchases of any good or service is universally considered in legal circles as unconstitutional."

The federal government can no more mandate that citizens purchase health care insurance than it can force you to buy spinach.

Every time you read in any analysis that Americans will be required to buy health insurance under House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi's H.R. 3962, passed without a verification requirement for illegal aliens, or any Senate version that might follow, just substitute "spinach" to understand how outrageous this proposed requirement is.

Threatening heavy fines or imprisonment for those who do not comply with the government's unconstitutional demand only reinforces the correct impression that the Obama administration is hard to the left.

Castiglione, a Democrat, wrote previously about how illegal aliens become entrenched in government jobs. Read his letter here.

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A Canadian Reader Explains Multiculturalism's Role In America's Decline

From:  James Hurley (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A California Reader Is Disgusted By CNN's Illegal Alien Shill Soledad O'Brien

CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien who hosted Latino in America hates anyone who is white and proves it by being uber-open borders and promoting illegal immigration.

Let me pose a hypothetical question to letter writer Roxan Tiscareno and other VDARE.COM readers the answer to which might explain how multiculturalism has destroyed America.

"How many naturalized Chinese-Americans should be employed in critical positions like NASA where they would have access to secrets that if passed on to the Chinese government would increase that nation's military power?"

Three possible reactions:

  •  From the self-admitted racist: "None, Chinese are not trustworthy and must not have access to sensitive information."

  • From the self proclaimed non-racist who harbors racist tendencies: "We must not endanger security of the world even it means making what would on the face of it seem to be a racist decision." In other words, hire none.

  • Ted Kennedy clone found throughout Congress and the mainstream media. We may never know his true racial feelings because he hides them behind a cloak of political correctness. His reply: "Employ the Chinese. Racism cannot be tolerated in the American value system."

In today's America, the Kennedy clones are the ones who prevail.

And that's what has ruined your country.

Hurley lives near Calgary.

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