A Chicago Cubs Fan Reminds Readers That Sammy Sosa Is A Steroid-Using Cheat
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From:  Peter Brown (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: Sammy Sosa Is Michael Jacksonizing His Own Skin

I'm sure that no matter what Sammy Sosa's skin color is, the American immigration law professors at ImmigrationProf Blog will continue to love him.

In 2007, the Dominican-born Sammy was their "Immigrant of the Day".

In a blog posting that matches if not exceeds any mainstream media reporter's sob story, here's how one professor summed up Sammy's early life:

 "Sosa had a hard childhood, with his father passing away when he was just seven. His family lived in an abandoned hospital while Sammy sold oranges on the street and shined shoes to make ends meet for his mother and six siblings. He started playing baseball at fourteen, but had to use a branch instead of a bat, an old milk carton for a baseball glove and a sock rolled up as a ball."[Immigrant of the Day: Sammy Sosa (Dominican Republic)]

Then, in a throw away sentence at the blog's end, this:

"Sosa has run into some controversy, with a suspension for use of a corked bat  (which he said was a simple mistake) and allegations of steroid use."

Sosa, immigrant of the day—cheater and drug abuser.

Brown, who lives in Indiana, writes that he has had a love-hate relationship with the Cubs for more than thirty years.

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