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A Texas Reader Says She'll Trade The Economic Downturn For Alien Deportation; etc.

From: Claudia Anderson (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Our Friend Michael Chertoff?

Guzzardi's column was the best news I've read in I don't know how long!

Still, I don't trust that weasel Michael Chertoff.

The failing economy is behind the new workplace enforcement drive coupled with Americans' ever-growing disgust and greater unwillingness to suffer parasites in silence: 159,000 jobs lost in September, illegal aliens' role in the mortgage meltdown and the true cost of immigration now obvious in the near-bankruptcy of several states.

Many of us will grudgingly accept some downturn if it will aid in our battle against illegal immigration. Too bad it has to come to that.

Anderson is a designer-goldsmith and a former copy editor and features-writer for her local newspaper, the San Angelo Standard-Times. Her previous letters about Lou Dobbs and illegal alien voters in Texas are here and here

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But An Idaho Ph.D. Says New Arrivals Minus Deportation Means A Net Increase In Immigration

From: Robert B. Murray, Ph.D. (e-mail him)

I wish I had Guzzardi's optimism about the nation's deportation numbers.

As the old saying goes, figures don't lie, but liars figure.

If the U.S. deports 30,000 per year (optimistically) then it would mean that we would never deport enough to lower the total illegal alien population because a far greater number enter every year. And the 30,000 represent only a small fraction of those already here.

In his book The Deporter former U.S. Deportation agent Ames Holbrook explains how many of the 30,000, including the extremely dangerous criminals, are released onto the streets because their countries will not take them back. Holbrook detailed the obstacles he faced in attempting to deport those criminal aliens.

An article by journalist Susan Carroll gave some numbers and countries involved:

"An estimated 139,000 immigrants from eight countries—China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Jamaica, Laos and Vietnam—have been ordered removed from the U.S. but have not been deported because of delays or refusals by foreign governments to issue the required travel documents. Of those 139,000, about 18,000 have criminal convictions, according to estimates provided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to the office of U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa. Dent said the delays and denials by foreign governments have put convicted criminals eligible for deportation back on America's streets and have cut into the nation's immigration detention budget." [Ordered to Leave but Forced to Stay, by Susan Carroll, Houston Chronicle, October 13, 2008]

Brenda Walker highlighted this problem in her recent column.

The Supreme Court's Zadvydas vs. Underdown insured that the criminals will be released before a Deportation Officer can obtain the necessary travel documents to deport.

How convenient for the aliens!

Murray attended Forestry School at the University of Montana (BSF and MSF) and earned a Ph.D. in Plant Ecology at Washington State University. His previous letters about his Senators Craig and Crapo, hiring foreign-born teachers, Cardinal Roger Mahony and the U.S. immigration crisis are here, here, here and here.

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And A Tennessee Reader Says Guzzardi Must Be "Kidding"

From: Kit Brewer (e-mail him)

Guzzardi has to be kidding. I read his column as a failed attempt at satire.

To call the belated arrest of a few hundred illegals out of 20 million is like confusing a death rattle with a rally.

Chertoff and the entire federal government deserve nothing but our contempt and anger for staging these cynical dog and pony shows.

Where's Eisenhower when we need him the most? He'd call for a new "Operation Wetback".

Brewer's previous letters about Tyson Foods and Lou Dobbs are here and here.

Joe Guzzardi replies: I anticipated and received a good amount of mail that expressed to various degrees the opinions reflected by Anderson, Murray and Brewer. However, I give no ground.

Immigration reform patriots have been demanding deportation and workplace enforcement for years. Now we have it…and at a fairly accelerated pace. Certainly it deters illegal immigration.

As for Chertoff, how much better is it for us that he, a George W. Bush appointee, is enforcing immigration law rather than some like, for example, Tom Tancredo? Can you imagine the outcry?

Patriots can't logically say that they want arrests and deportation, but don't like the individual carrying out their wishes.

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A Tennessee Reader Says Open Borders Traitors Have Made A Video Game Promoting Illegal Immigration

From:  Steven Platt (e-mail him)

Apparently the open borders traitors decided to try to one-up VDARE.COM and promote their subversive agenda in 3D and with a game controller.

Recently, in a link from an ad on the social network Facebook, I discovered a game called "ICED" ( (which stands for "I Can End Deportation," a pun on Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

It's marketed by a group called "Breakthrough", which operates in the US and India supposedly as a "human rights organization."

The game is very buggy and has poor graphics, but it gets its message across.

Players can choose from a number of minorities (and a token white person or Asian) complete with incredible sob stories. The goal is to answer so-called "myth-vs-fact" questions (which is just typical La Raza propaganda) and to evade immigration officers to avoid deportation. (See the attached screenshot of one of the results, with the typical "Is that fair?" reply)

In the game, deportation's consequences are severe: a jail that's made to look like a concentration camp, complete with racist and ignorant officers spouting these lines: "What's your problem monkey?! Huh?! You think your mama can afford a lawyer to get you out of here?!" while the prisoners jump around as if they were monkeys.

In the most outrageous situations, prisoners are put in chains in a dark hole, and are threatened with (the game version of) rape. (see screenshot, below)The game is also viciously anti-military, portraying military recruiters as malevolent people who prey on illegals and promise them citizenship.

The site's teaching supplement touts itself as "in line with New York State and New York City" education standards.

But New York kids would be better served being taught algebra rather than pro-illegal propaganda.

Platt is a former New York resident.

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