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02/06/09 - Immigration 101: The Education of a Critical VDARE.COM Reader

A Reader Asks "Why Is The New York Times Protecting The $PLC?"; etc.

From: Deena Flinchum [e-mail her]

As you no doubt know, there have been about three blogs at the NYT in the last week or so regarding the immigration issue. The latest is The Nativist Lobby. [February 4, 2009]

On Feb 5 at about 6:30 AM, I posted the comment below (in blue). I am well aware of the NYT's "rules" such as being on-subject and not abusive. I've posted on NYT articles on a variety of subjects. Please look at my post below…My posting has several things to make it worthy of being made public, other than that it is on-subject and not abusive.

First IMHO it is better written than at least 75% or more of what got published.

Second, I didn't just take the NYT to task for spouting SPLC folderol. I laid out line and verse of what is wrong with the SPLC and it isn't just that they disagree with me on the immigration issue. All of what I said is easy-to-find information if they want verification…

Finally, I bring a slant to the story that I suspect next to nobody else can: I have contributed to—or if you prefer, been a member of—the SPLC, CIS, FAIR, and NumbersUSA. How many people could say as much? And yet even now my comment has "Your comment is awaiting moderation" at its head and is not published.

Could it be because the NYT's premise that people who support immigration restriction are xenophobic racists just doesn't square with a person who contributed to a civil rights organization for years when it was actually promoting civil rights and who is a proud immigration restrictionist?

Oh, BTW. It was in the SPLC's publication on immigration (maybe "The Puppeteer"???) that I first heard about!  

The SPLC has been so thoroughly discredited that I am surprised that it still gets mentioned. It started out as a civil rights organization—one which I personally contributed to for years, starting in 1973, when I became a "retainer supporter", meaning that I sent in a check every month. As true racist groups like the KKK basically ceased to exist as anything more than a tiny group and as real racist acts became fewer and fewer, the SPLC turned to researching so-called "hate groups", calling almost any group that didn't agree with them a "hate group" or a group that is somehow connected to a "hate group".

The SPLC raises huge amounts of money, pays its top staff huge salaries, and by and large does no civil rights work anymore because in chasing "hate groups" it doesn't have to prove anything in court. It can make baseless charges and continue shaking down well-meaning but unknowing people for donations.

I stopped giving to them years ago when they stopped doing civil rights work and began hurling the term "racist" at anybody who opposes the horrific devastation that increased immigration is wreaking on the US environment, its health care, its schools, it neighborhoods, and its unskilled workers, many of whom are African-Americans—the very group that SPLC started out to help.

I am a contributor to NumbersUSA, CIS, and FAIR. What the NYT and other open borders fanatics are worried about is that with the US economy in freefall, US workers may finally start recognizing that we do not need to continue importing cheap foreign labor. Instead we need to institute mandatory use of E-Verify to make sure that US jobs go to those lawfully able to work here.

What we are seeing here is fear and desperation—fear that the American people will finally figure out that what is good for greedy businesses and the ethnic lobbies isn't good for them.

Deena comment: We would surmise the reluctance of The NYT to publish the truth about the Southern Poverty Law Center—or $PLC (PDF) as we prefer to call it—is that pretending it is a Saintly Order devoted to the Good of Mankind is polemically invaluable. It being recognized as it is—a gang of money-grubbing ethnic thugs—would require something else to be invented. And of course, as Nicholas Stix has noted, the $PLC has an alumnus high in the NYT

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A California Reader Explains Why the Salinas Valley Is No Longer America

From: Richard Griswold (email him)

To: Brenda Walker 

I reside just south of San Francisco. I've watched Greenfield change over the last 30 years. I think your posting on VDARE.COM was good, but I would like to add that it's not just that the Greenfield police department has been "politically corrected" .... No, the whole town is now pretty much a suburb of Guadalajara, Mexico. The Salinas Valley is no longer America. You say you are from Northern California, so you probably know this. Where do you live? Maybe you're a neighbor!

I was in King City coming back north from Ventura over Christmas.  I went into the "old" part of town looking for a place to eat which was NOT Mexican and NOT fast food. No luck … ended up at Denny's. Nearly ALL of the customers were speaking Spanish, and ALL of the servers/cooks were speaking Spanish. They had to call a "special" waitress who could speak English to take my order. The "house muzak" system was playing "American" music, but the cooks had a radio in the kitchen blasting Mariachi Music at high decibel levels which overpowered the whole place.  There was a background odor of tortillas and beans to the whole scene.

No, it's not just the political correctness of any given police department, the whole valley has been occupied by people from another culture who have NO INTENTION of ever becoming "Americans" ... at least not in the sense that I and at least 10 generations behind me are/were Americans.

Thanks for the article ... just wanted to add a little "something".

If you're ever south of the city, and want to chat about this stuff, now you have my email!

Brenda Walker replied: I did a day trip to Watsonville about 15 years ago with a friend who was raised there and he was shocked then at the change. So I figured that it must be pretty thick by now.

It's really sad to see this beautiful state taken over without a shot.

I live in Berkeley, which is kind of an oddball island because of how expensive housing is. Plus there is the university which is quite Asian —although they haven't moved in to stay the way hippies did in the sixties.

Most Asians prefer new houses rather than our charming old brown-shingles—good!

I may take you up on your invitation!

Thanks for writing.

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The Illogic of an 'Obama Democrat'

From: Jim Rossi (email him)

To be kind, it is illogical to be an "Obama Democrat" and to "demand and expect a substantial moratorium on immigration,[and] the extension of E-Verify". If you failed to pay attention to Obama's stance on immigration and work visas during the campaign, look at who he's appointing now. Obama was, is, and will remain part of the problem, and as president, a big part.

Rossi's previous letters about Hillary Clinton's 2012 prospects, the GOP's numerous political problems besides immigration and the prospects of an abbreviated David Dinkins-like political career for Barack Obama are here, here and here.

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