A Tennessee Lawyer Is Disgusted with the Immigration Lawyers` Seminars of Securing `Foreign-Born Professionals`
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From:  Autochthon (e-mail him)

In early January, I wrote (here) about Tennessee's accommodations for aliens wanting to carry concealed weapons. I work for a law firm in Nashville.

Recently, I received this advert for a seminar and felt like vomiting. The advert speaks for itself; whether it's more hilarious or disgusting I cannot say, but it proves that earlier PR debacles haven't shamed the immigration lawyers one bit. Get a load of this howler from the advert (the entire advert appears here)):

"Certain industries—Healthcare and Computer Science, for instance—have an overwhelming number of vacant positions that continues to multiply. Recruiters and Human Resource professionals alike are burdened with the daunting task of finding enough qualified employees to fill this staggering void."

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