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10/02/09 - A Disgusted Arizona Republican Says Get Rid Of John McCain

An Alabama Reader Thanks VDARE.COM For Opening His Eyes; etc.

From: Harry Parker (e-mail him)

VDARE.COM opened my eyes on immigration.

In just the last few years I went from a middle-aged lifelong liberal Democrat that voted for Jimmy Carter and Al Gore to an Independent that will never vote for any one from any party again unless they favor an immigration moratorium and are willing to prove they mean business.

By reading VDARE.COM, I changed from an uninformed citizen who did not know the names of my Senators or U.S. representatives into a person who knows not only their names but also their phone numbers as well their position on every immigration issue.

Not long ago, I had no idea America had so many immigrants even in Alabama to keenly aware of how deeply our government has betrayed us.

Unfortunately, not only the government has sold us down the river but also other institutions that I once thought I knew and trusted.

Namely they are the churches of all denominations who want their pews and their coffers full of new worshipers and fresh sources of funds; the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which desires more cheap labor for its membership; and the Democratic Party, which seeks to keep a lock on its political future by signing up more left-leaning voters.

Because I have read so much about them on VDARE.COM, I know how the ethnic advocacy groups like La Raza work. Instead of promoting assimilation among immigrants, they have encouraged separatism and more mass immigration from Mexico and Latin America to keep their base powerful and growing.

Most of all, I've learned from VDARE.COM that immigration by the millions is a tax on the working poor like me and is the one tax Republicans will never talk about.

Many thanks to all of you at VDARE.COM for spreading the truth about immigration.

Peter Brimelow says: what a nice letter!

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An Iowa Reader Explains Why Senator Dianne Feinstein Keeps Losing On Ag Jobs

From:  Dick Kryhoski (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe To Treason Lobby: Time To Draft A New Game Plan

Guzzardi wrote:

 "Not to be outdone by DREAM Act advocates, in May California Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced for the umpteenth time an AgJOBs bill (S.1038) to colossal indifference. A companion bill (H.R. 2414) hasn't drawn broad support either."

Feinstein's biggest problem, and the reason she's been denied "umpteen" times, is that she can't write an Ag Jobs bill that will fool her fellow legislators, even those who broadly support the idea of more foreign-born farm workers.

Everyone in Congress knows that all her repeated versions of Ag Jobs represent amnesty. They are consistently more about immigration than they are about labor.

Even my Democratic Senator and Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Harkin, who favors Ag Jobs, opposed Feinstein on her 2007 failed effort.

Said Harkin at a November press conference:

 "I am going to resist any effort to put immigration in this bill."

If you wonder why Feinstein presses on, consider that in August she won the United Farm Workers Foundation's "Fair Harvest Champion Award" for her so-called leadership on the "historic Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits and Security Act (AgJOBS)"

Along with this dubious distinction comes the title of "Hero of the Month"

Kryhoski's previous letter about the HUD cover up of illegal immigration's role in the mortgage role and New York Times bias are here and here.

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An Ohio Marine Tells Linda Thom To Stop Whining And Start Fighting; Linda Replies

From: Mark Martin (e-mail him)

Re: Linda Thom's Blog: Trashing A Beautiful Day In Maryland

Simple question: why didn't Thom or her spineless husband say something to the Hispanics who were throwing garbage all around and ruining their picnic?

I read almost every day about people like the Thoms who claim to have had had an eye-opening revelation about illegal aliens. Thom whines but still doesn't stand up for her rights or opinions because she's afraid of an altercation. 

Cowards like Thom are the problem. If more people would confront the invaders, then we wouldn't have as many of them as we do.

Please realize that I empathize and sympathize with her. Honestly, I do.

I've been in Thom's shoes a hundred times. But I don't back down. I get in their faces, tell them to clean up their trash, speak English or get out of my country!

What would happen if they didn't?

As a Marine, I'd probably antagonize them into taking a swing and then start stomping skulls in.

Until Thom fights back for what is rightfully and legally ours, we'll never be able to live safer, more secure lives and provide the same for our children.

Linda Thom replies: I'm not angry with Martin, but I am different from him.

My husband and I are senior citizens and we do not do punch ups. I don't have a Y-chromosome and have low testosterone. And I'm not a Marine. In a fist fight with four young Mexican men, my bookish husband and I would lose and the Mexicans would laugh or spit on us.

Yep, I've had that happen when I told off two Mexican women who let their young grandson pee in the gutter where I lived in California. I told them that they should not let their "nino go psst en la calle" and they spit on me. Moreover, my command of Spanish does not include four-letter words.  

By the way, my husband is not spineless and it's rude for Martin to suggest that he is. Rich is brilliant and has saved many lives of military service personnel as well as residents of other countries because of his technological and intellectual expertise.

Rich and I have been married for 43 years and I am a very lucky woman to have him by my side forever and ever until death do us part.

Take care, and stay out of fights for heavens sakes.

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