An Illinois Democrat Says Obama Is Listening To The Wrong People
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From: Lee Small (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Joe To Treason Lobby: Time To Draft A New Game Plan!

(Also Read Michelle Malkin's Column: All The President's Olympic Cronies)

In his column, Guzzardi wrote that with 2010 fast approaching, the Democrats can't afford to take too many more "body blows" that will weaken their already tentative electoral position.

President Barack Obama's humiliation in Denmark is another reason why he's unlikely to seriously advocate for comprehensive immigration reform.

Although the Olympics and immigration are not in the least connected, Chicago's fourth-place finish out of four cities vying to host the global event should serve as a reminder to Obama that he's not as influential as he thinks.

The five hours Obama wasted in Denmark is more fodder for his opposition. No one in Obama's administration will admit how much it cost taxpayers to fly Air Force One and its backup plane, transport the armored presidential limousines across the ocean and provide security for the whirlwind trip. But it certainly was tens of millions and all of it squandered.

According to the New York Times,

 "It provides fodder for critics who are already using it as a metaphor for a president who, in their view, focuses on the wrong priorities and overestimates his capacity to persuade the world to follow his lead." [For Obama, An Unsuccessful  Campaign, by Peter Baker and Jeff Zeleny, New York Times,  October 2, 2009]

Obama's problem is not simply that he gets bad advice but that he listens to it.

Small wrote earlier calling for the removal of Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader. Read his letter here.

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