An Alabama Reader Says John McCain A Security Threat
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From: Lawrence Lee (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Conservative Republican in Pennsylvania Explains Why He'll Vote For John McCain Reader

Those who want to vote for McCain by claiming that he will keep America safe don't persuade me. They miss an important point.

The 9/11 terrorists who succeeded in attacking us were illegally in the U.S. They managed that because McCain and other open border advocates like him fought so hard to avoid enforcing our laws against illegal immigration.  

Without driver's licenses the terrorists could never have gotten on the planes they used to murder innocent Americans.  The amnesty bill McCain co-authored with Ted Kennedy had effectively no background checks for giving illegals permanent residency and explicitly included gang members as able to qualify.

None of that makes America safer.

On national security grounds alone McCain is not fit to be president. He puts the interests of big business' desire for cheap labor first.

Experience is nice but the most important questions to ask any potential leader are: Are you on our side?  Are you loyal?

The answers for McCain are "No!" and "No!"

If we do not defend our borders, we do not defend our nation. Indignation when caught lying is not straight talk.  

And aged testosterone is not leadership.

Lee is an engineer. 

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