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An Illinois Reader Says Non-English Speaking Immigrants Should Not Qualify For Mortgages; etc.

From: Dawn Mueller: (e-mail her)

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: America's Minority Mortgage Meltdown/Diversity Recession: The Smoking Gun?

Here's more proof for Sailer that sound banking practices were all but thrown out the window for minority applicants.

The Chicago Tribune recently revealed that aliens use their children as language translators and sign off on mortgage applications and agreements—complex and often-indecipherable legal documents for even college-educated Americans.

From the story:

"…For immigrant families, the traditional roles of parents and children often flip, with children serving as guides to a foreign culture and language. They accompany parents to the doctor to describe a sickness or to the bank to fill out mortgage applications…" [Children Give Voice to Immigrant Parents, by Azam Amhed, Chicago Tribune, October 1, 2008]

Financial institutions should be prohibited from issuing mortgages to any immigrant who cannot communicate fluently in the language in which the documents are written.

Children should not be used as translators.

Doing so not only is bad banking practice but also could lead to legal action against the lender should the mortgage holder claim that he never clearly understood the terms of his loan because of his child's inexperience and lack of understanding of financial terms.

Mueller, who edits the Citizen Security Newsletter (sign up to receive it by emailing her) wrote to VDARE.COM previously about the failed socialist marches in Chicago on May Day and John McCain's ties to reconquistadors. Read them here and here.

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A California Reader Says That Statistics On Los Angeles Crimes By Foreign-Born Are More Staggering Than Previously Reported

From: Brian Hassler (e-mail him)

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: LA Internet Legends More Accurate Than WSJ Edit Page

Rubenstein, in his column, cited the Los Angeles Police Department Top Ten Most Wanted as an indicator of alien crime.

But a better measure would be the LAPD All Most Wanted list, which includes 250 criminals.

This list is amazing.

I counted 76 percent with Hispanic surnames (could be illegal aliens or grown up anchor babies) legal or illegal) and more than 90 percent non-white.

A very high percentage is foreign born.

Scrolling through the names is a revelation that underlines just how serious our alien crime problem is.

Hassler is retired from the Department of Defense. His previous letters about Bruce Springsteen and Sen. Mel Martinez are here and here.

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A Texas Reader Says The Catholic Church Is A Combatant In The US Ethnic Wars

From: Matthew Dunnyveg (e-mail him)

Re: Chilton Williamson Jr.'s Column: Nuestra Señora de Estados Unidos

Williamson, in his latest column on how the Catholic Church aids and abets illegal immigration, summarizes succinctly and articulately the reasons why I have renounced the Catholic faith of my childhood.

What Williamson describes is part of an ethnic war being declared on the culture and descendants of the people who founded this country.

The battle is reflected in the 2008 presidential race.

While I wouldn't vote for John McCain on a bet, I find the animosity that Sarah Palin attracts telling and symptomatic of the cultural struggle we're engaged in.

Palin is a proxy for the descendants of the Anglo-Celtic founders of this country, as well as those who identify with this group—the cultural Americans.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, stands in for immigrants and their descendants, as well as those who otherwise identify with them—the hyphenated Americans who love the affluence and stability the cultural Americans have created, but otherwise hate our society and want to remake our country in their image.

What truly drives me to despair is that so far cultural Americans are willing to do little more than complain (at best) over our dispossession.

Many conservative Republicans endorse McCain, a candidate who may destroy us a little more slowly than Obama but who has little else to recommend him.

Do cultural Americans about to vote for McCain and who at the same time support a Catholic Church that only wishes for our destruction deserve contempt or respect?

Are they part of the solution or part of the problem?

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A Washington State Reader Warns Joe Guzzardi That PA May Not Be Perfect After All

From: Stan Williams (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Leaving Lodi And Saying Adiós To California

I enjoy Guzzardi's perspective on immigration, especially now that he's transplanted himself from California to Pennsylvania.

But I hope he doesn't get too comfortable lest his new life outside of California turns out like mine did.

After a successful 25-year software engineering career in California, my job of 15 years was outsourced to China and India. It took me nine months to find another job. I had to relocate to Bellevue, WA to take a lower-paid position.

But Bellevue is an upscale suburb of Seattle with gleaming skyscrapers, litter-free streets, first-class parks, no graffiti and, I though, little immigration.

So I was happy with my trade-off.

Then I slowly realized that, in the Seattle area, diversity, especially Asian, is the name of the game: Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, as well as plenty of Indians and Pakistanis. Everywhere I looked, signs are in Kanji, Hangul, Jiantizì or who-knows-what hawking Pho, Sushi or Teriyaki.

Then I wondered where the Hispanics were. Perhaps California's Hispanic's didn't come to Washington, I thought.

But as I saw more, I noticed that Hispanics are plentiful in the Pacific Northwest, too.

The fast-food employees were Hispanic. In the non-Asian restaurants—Greek, Italian, Moroccan—it was always prepped, served and cleaned up by Hispanics.

Ditto for the hotel and motel maids.

Day laborers hung out in front of the check-cashing store in the strip mall where I grocery shop.

The market's customers, I noticed, were identical to California's: non-English speaking, immensely pregnant women with anchor babies in tow, paying with food stamps and WIC coupons.

For them, everything is free.

But during my long period of unemployment, it never once occurred to me to sneak my family into, say, France, and without learning a single syllable of French, expect to put all of us on the dole there. Perhaps it's because I was taught that stealing—as I view the actions of illegal aliens—is a sin.

So under its coniferous veneer, I've discovered western Washington to be infected with the same disease that's afflicting its bankrupt cousin to the south.

Joe Guzzardi comments: I wish Williams had called me before taking off for Washington. I lived there for a decade from the late 1970s to the late 1980s and I could have tipped him off that it was an immigration-heavy state.

But even after three months in Pittsburgh, I note that one of my reasons for moving here—little immigration and flat population growth—is still valid. Within the next couple of weeks, I'll write a column about what my life without immigration is like.

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